Sunday, December 6, 2009

Business Skills Migration(Australia)

If you are a well-qualified and successful business person wishing to move to Australia under the business migration categories, there may very well be an opportunity for you to eventually gain permanent entry to Australia. It is likely that you will be able to apply in a category under which relevant skills, business experience and language ability are needed in order to satisfy Australian immigration requirements to live and work in Australia. If you don't meet these requirements, you may alternatively qualify if you meet skilled migration visa requirements.

Each business migration category has different requirements for entry to Australia. In most cases you will be granted a four-year temporary business visa initially, and then after satisfying evidence of a specific level of business activity or investment, you will be able to apply for permanent residency. A direct permanent residence category will still be available for high-calibre business migrants sponsored by State/Territory governments known as the Business Talent visa. Please select the relevant link from the categories below for more information on the requirements for each visa class:

Business Entry categories :

==>Business Owner - for owners or part-owners of a business
==:Senior Executive - for senior executive employees of major businesses. For Business Owners and Senior Executives, certain obligations must be met and applicants will be monitored on arrival in Australia
==>Investor - for investors/business people willing to make a significant investment in Australia Note: Applicants coming under all of the above categories may also be sponsored by an Australian State/Territory, making the requirements for business entry a bit more lenient, because sponsorship from a State or Territory government allows applicants to be assessed against lower level criteria. State and Territory governments have specific criteria for deciding who they will sponsor and the relevant State/Territory business development agencies should be contacted for information in this regard.
==>Business Talent (permanent residency) - for very high-calibre business people who have sponsorship from an Australian State/Territory government.
==>If you are a UK business opening up a branch or office in Australia, please see our special information on visas for you and/or your employees.

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