Friday, July 29, 2011

New UK Student Visa Extension Rules 2011

Starting April 21, 2011, there have been many changes at 4 basis points of the UK system. These changes do not apply only to countries outside applications, but also people a renewal application for student visa. We developed this brief overview of new requirements for extension of student visa after a lot of questions and research with you.
new rules for student visa extension 2011

The new policy to extend student visas for students from sponsors Very Reliable :
Courses at Level 3 or higher NQF
English courses at CEFR B2
Courses with courses that are part of the course evaluated
    The new rules to extend student visas for students of A or B rated sponsors :

    • Courses at NQF 4 or higher
    • English courses at CEFR B2
    • No courses with courses that are part of the course assessed under the NQF level 6
      New rules for student visa extension: knowledge of English :
      • How your sponsor measures your ability in English will now depend on:
      • When your pile has been attributed
      • What type of course you are studying
      • What type of education provider of your sponsor is
      • At any time of your request, either at home or outside the country, you may be invited for an interview to test your abilities in English. If your English is clearly not up to par, your application may be refused and / or you may be refused entry to the United Kingdom at the airport.
        Student Visa Renewal: If your CAS was issued before April 21, 2011 :

        The old rules for your case to be valid. That is, if you study a course below the NQF 6, or an English language program, your TAS will be valid as long as your sponsor assessed your level of English to B1 of the CEFR.

        Students who have not taken English test, but given their level of English assessed by their sponsor will still be able to make an application with an assigned case before April 21, 2011.

        Student Visa Renewal: If you’re CAS was issued on or after April 21, 2011

        Have English CEFR B2 level if the study of a course of NQF level 6 and above
        Have English CEFR B1 level when studying a course at or below NQF 5

        Student visa extensions with a recognized institution of higher Education :

        If the study of a course of higher NQF levels 6 or a recognized institution of higher education:

        Your sponsor can choose how to assess your abilities in English, including the administration of their own tests. Students will be evaluated in the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

        With the approval of the Registrar's academic provider education, "gifted" may have the required level in English given up completely.

        Student visa extensions with a non-recognized institution of higher Education :

        Students studying courses in CNC 6 or higher must demonstrate English proficiency in four skills in English at CEFR B2 by presenting a certificate of safety Test of English language.

        Students studying courses at or below 5 NQF must demonstrate English proficiency in four skills in English at CEFR B1 by presenting a certificate of safety testing of English language.

        Thursday, July 14, 2011

        Medical Test condition for Canada Immigration

        Requirement for medical test for Canada Immigration :

        Medical Test condition for Canada Immigration

        To obtain the Visa Canada, you must pass a medical examination to enter Canada as permanent residents. Guidance on how to take the medical examination will usually be sent after you submit your application at the office of Visa Canada.

        ICC do not allow your family doctor for your medical examination for Canadian immigration. You should consult a physician on Canada's list of designated doctors

        Your last medical reports and x-rays for the medical examination become the possessions of the medical and Immigration Canada will not be returned.

        Medical Test for Canada Immigration

        Some important points to note for medical tests Immigration Canada:

        1. The doctor will not inform on the results of medical examination for you. Although the doctor can let you know if you have a health problem.

        2. The designated medical practitioner does not give the final conclusion. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will give you the final decision on whether or not your medical examination is accepted for immigration purposes.

        3. The visa office in Canada will tell you in writing if there is a problem with your medical examination.

        Sunday, July 10, 2011

        South Korea Work Visa

        South Korea Working Visa 

        South Korea Work Visa

        If you need a work visa in South Korea, whether you are a business or individual, having the best treatment for your case with a dedicated team of experts with a click of a button to make your visa application as smooth and fast as possible. Take our free trial today and see for yourself how we can help.

        South Korea is a diverse country and offers many types of work visas, some of which can be found below. Apply for a visa to work in Korea is a difficult process. Cut the terminology of immigration by taking our free assessment now simple to see where you need a visa.

        Visa short-term Employment

        If you plan to work in Korea for 90 days or less, you can apply for a visa for short-term employment. These types of visas are usually attributed to artists and athletes performing in the country for a limited period only or business and research professionals who wish to work temporarily in Korea.

        Professional Work Visa

        If you want to work in South Korea on a more permanent basis, you can apply for a visa for professional use. This type of work visa for South Korea is usually given to doctors, medical interns, business people invited to work in the country, and pilots of aircraft registered by the Ministry of Construction and Transport.

        Foreign language trainer visa (visa or E2, Korea)

        The "language monitor" category in South Korea work visa is granted to language teachers have agreed to work in schools at the elementary level and above. The main condition is that applicants must have a bachelor's degree or higher and a teaching degree on the subject from his home country. Take the discretion to begin implementing today.

        Working Holiday Visa

        Normally, if you are aged between 18 and 25 (more for certain nationalities), and from a country that has signed the tourism employment, you may request a working holiday visa in Korea. Find out if your home is signed by making the overall evaluation free visas.

        Wednesday, July 6, 2011

        Singapore Employment Visa Application Process

        A diagram of Singapore work visa for foreign experts who have a job with an employer in Singapore and foreigners who are business people was appointed collar jobs. Companies can then apply that employees of their company duly incorporated. In addition, job seekers have a pass for very good education background, professional experience and a credible minimum monthly salary of $ 2500.
        Singapore Employment Visa

        There are three types of employment Pass that includes identified by the Immigration Department of Singapore which may correspond to different qualifications of an applicant to the next level.

        Singapore Employment Pass Categories are:

        Pass P1: For a base salary above S $ 7000 per month.
        Pass P2: For basic pay between S $ 3.500 and S $ 7,000 a month.
        Pass Q1: For a base salary between $ 2.500 $ 3.500 S and S per month.

        Documents required for processing of Singapore Employment Pass Application:

        singapore employment visa application

        • A completed employment Pass application form.
        • The completed application form must be approved by the sponsoring company in Singapore
        • Stamp Company of Singapore or seal must be affixed on the form the application form.
        • The form must be signed by the applicant and the authorized signatory of the company sponsoring Singapore.
        • A copy of applicant's educational certificates and testimonials of past employment.
        • Passport size photograph of the applicant within 3 months.
        • A copy of the personal details page of the applicant's travel document / passport.
        • A copy of the Business Profile / Instant Information / Registration papers in the sponsoring company in Singapore.
        • A copy of your CV.
        • Detailed description of functions performed by the applicant.
        • Detailed description of activities and / or products the company employs in Singapore.
        If documents listed have been completed, you can check the submission within the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), a government agency that processed the application process of employment.

        You can either have the online submission and manual submission. When documents are being submitted, the waiting time for a result of application can be usually within four weeks for applications online and 6 weeks for manual applications.

        Insurance for the approval of the application is not specified, but the applicant's chances are high if they are highly educated and they have a graduate degree from a reputable university, if they win a relatively high wage (the minimum requirement is S $ 2.500 per month), and if the applicant holds a relevant professional experience. The result would apply is usually between 4-6 weeks.


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