Monday, November 23, 2009

Australia Skills Shortages

Australia is currently undergoing its largest immigration drive in 40 years, tempting workers to the country with promises of shorter hours, a better climate and a lower cost of living. Europe – and especially the UK – is the main target for finding new immigrants to Australia.

Australia Skills Shortages

Under the current programmer, Australia will offer immigrants four-year employer or state-sponsored immigration, with the option to stay on permanently.

If you are under 45, and have 6-7 years experience in your trade – inclusive of training/apprenticeship/study - we can almost certainly get you an Australian visa – even if you cannot pass the current points test!

Most Australian states are experiencing a labor shortage of qualified and experienced trades people. If your occupation is in the shortage list, please complete an assessment form and we will email you the details of your best Australian visa options within three working days. This assessment is free of charge – if you are interested in taking up a laid back lifestyle in sunny Australia, don't delay!


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