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Sweden Immigration, Sweden Visa Requirements, Sweden Visa Process

A person who wishes to reside in Sweden, to be reunited with relatives for example, must apply for and be granted a residence permit before entering the country.The visa should be complete and be entered in the passport before entry into the Schengen area.

The right to enter the Schengen area is examined every time you pass the outer border of the area. At the border control everyone who enters the area must be able to show that they have money for their keep during their visit and for their return journey home and that they have medical travel insurance and documents showing the purpose of their visit.

Swedish mission abroad (embassy or consulate) is an independent authority and together with the other Schengen states represented at the same place it can require additional documents and make other demands. The mission can for example require that the authenticity of the signature on certain documents is confirmed by at notary public.

These requirements may change depending on the existing circumstances. It is therefore important that you check which requirements you have to fulfill in order to be granted a visa.

Medical travel insurance which covers any costs that could arise in conjunction with:
Emergency medical assistance
Emergency hospital care
Transport to your home country for medical reasons
The insurance should cover costs of at least €30,000 and be valid in all the Schengen countrie
To enable the authorities to process your application you must state clearly:
Why you are visiting Sweden
How long you intend to stay in Sweden
How you will support yourself during your time in Sweden
The type of passport you hold and how long it is valid
Where you intend to travel following your visit to Sweden
If you have a permit to travel to the country you intend to travel to after your time in Sweden.

You should hand in your visa application to a Swedish mission abroad.In certain countries Sweden is represented by another Schengen country.

Authority that makes the decision (Swedish mission abroad) or (the Swedish Migration Board ) considers that you will leave the Schengen area after your visit and that the purpose of your visit is the one you have stated in your application. If it is considered that you have other intentions with your visit or that your true intention is to reside in the Schengen area your application will be rejected.

The same applies if you are registered in the computer system SIS (Schengen Information System), where the member countries register persons who are not permitted to enter the Schengen area. These rules apply in all countries that have ratified the Schengen Agreement. Documents should also be translated into the language of that country.

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