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H1B Visa Requirements and FAQ

One common classifications used by immigrant and labor United States (U.S.), the H-1B. H-1B visas available to foreign workers who come to the United States temporarily to provide a "specialty occupation" or as a model. This article addresses some questions most frequently asked questions for the classification of H-1B, including requirements.

What is a profession Occupation: 

A "specialty occupation" means an occupation that requires theoretical and practical application of a number of highly specialized knowledge and achieve a baccalaureate or advanced degree in the specialty in question (or equivalent) minimum training is the United States: This often means that the foreign workers able to solve the full practice of a profession, if it is necessary for profession, for the completion of degree or equivalent office experience for the end of this level of experience and training through the recognition of the responsibility of positions in this sense: If a foreign worker to fashion model, the model must be of outstanding merit and ability.

What is the prevailing wage or actual wage. 

Use the employee's H-1B non-immigrant, the employer is obliged to pay more than real wages, or prevailing wage. Prevailing wages to average wages and workers the same geographic area for employment. real wages of the average salary of employees working in the same employer. While the employee is paid the higher of prevailing wages or real wages, salary requirements of the Department of Labor is likely to be satisfied.

What is the employment status and the application of life cycle assessment. 

Prospective H-1B employers must receive certification labor certification application (LCA) Department of Labor (DOL). This includes certificates, violation of which could result in fines, bars sponsored immigrant or immigrant petitions and other penalties for the employer.

What are the requirements for ACL: 

It requires employers to prove that it meets the following requirements to work.

- The employer pays the salary of the beneficiary, which is not less than the salaries of workers with similar skills, or, if greater prevailing wage for their position in the geographical area, which worked.

- Employers are obliged to working conditions that are not harmful in other employees. Implementation is unable to work during a strike or lock instead of the corporate employer. Filing notice prior work in the Department of Labor union representative or the negotiation has not been secondment to the place of business.

What is H-1B Cap? 

H-1B Visa-cap to the annual numerical limit of 65,000 visas each year. The first 20,000 applications filed on behalf of beneficiaries with U.S. Masters or higher are exempt from CAP. In addition, H-1B workers who are working or if any institution of higher education or related persons or related non-profit organization or non-profit research or research management is not subject to numerical limits.

How long can work with H-1B visa. 

From H-1B nonimmigrant may be granted up to three years. Your period may be extended, but generally should not exceed six years, although some exceptions apply to operate under the American Competitiveness twenty century (AC21).

After starting work, the H-1B can work on one employer to another employer. 

H-1B approvals by the employer and the specific location. This means that the employee can not work the employer looking for employees for a specific place. To enable the employee to work for another employer, another petition to be submitted and approved a new location and new employer. This does not require employees employer. If the employee is offered new jobs, new employer may ask an employee. In most cases, when the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services received a complaint, the employee may begin working for another employer.

Should I work all day to qualify for H-1B: 

Is not necessary for the number of individual working time H-1B full. This means that the H-1B may be provided for them part time or full-time research.

Can I have more than one employer H-1B at the same time. 

Yes: If the employee has multiple employers at the same time, they can and must obtain a valid H-1B visa to work for any employer.

How long to get the approval of H-1B visa. 

Time necessary to process H-1B petition, as a rule, about three months. Because processing time is determined by the workload and often fluctuates throughout the year, it is important to check the current treatment for a clear idea of how long it takes to process your request H-1B visa.

I can speed up processing time. 

Yes, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is offering "Premium processing for those who need a quick decision in their case: Premium processing guarantees the resolution of your case within 15 days, payment of compensation costs of $ 1225.00.

What if I want to become permanent residents. 

A major advantage of H-1B visa for migrants. This means that the holders of H-1B Visa-intends to remain permanently in the United States and Applications to permanent resident green card. Although the maximum length of stay of H-1B Visa, usually six years, if the demand for H-1B visa for permanent residence before the start of their sixth year H-1B status, they can renew the H 1B-permanently or until you receive the decision on the application for permanent residence.

My family can come to the U.S. with me while I work on H-1B: 

Yes, spouses and unmarried children under 21 years can seek admission in H -4 classification of non-immigrants. Family members, H-4 nonimmigrant classification will not be used for U.S

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Immigration Interview Questions

In an interview for visas are often uncomfortable and intimidating, but ultimately much of the whole process and is likely to decide whether your application is approved or rejected. The truth is that immigration authorities must know why they moved to Australia and a fair amount about yourself and your personal life. While the visa interview questions should you expect?

Why move to Australia? 

This is the most obvious questions visa interview and was probably the one who covered many times over the documents and application forms before the interview. You'll need to repeat the reasons why they want to move to Australia in the interview as a means to verify the situation and to ensure that what you said in the interview is what you said about the application forms. If you change the reasons to move to Australia will soon be a red flag for immigration officials and make them suspicious of you.

What is your profession? 

Ultimately, if you want to stay in Australia long term, then you should show what we can offer the country's economy and job market. If you have skills or experience that is rare in Australia there is every chance that you can bypass many steps in the process of immigration and to accelerate.

Family Ties 

All immigration interviewer to ask you questions about your family, their history and you will be asked if you have family in Australia. Secure the sponsorship of family members already living in Australia is a major benefit, although no family in Australia, does not mean that your application is unsuccessful.

What is your income? 

Key element of any immigration interview is to make sure that they are able to support you financially and will not become a burden to the Australian Government. Budgets of governments around the world have been strained in recent years, and the costs of immigration and immigrants have greater support. The fact that you are able to fully support yourself and your family will be a great advantage in your favor.

How long will you stay? 

Your plans for the future will be part of the immigration interview and must prove that you have plans for the future and exactly what they are. Besides the fact should have made his home in Australia and lifestyle in Australia, which says a lot about you if you do not look further than just landing in Australia?

Scenario questions 

You can also get a number of "what if" questions will put you in scenarios and situations and ask your advice and opinions. As with any question you answer in an interview with immigration, make sure you have thought about your answers in your head before you say it!


As with any interview should be relaxed as possible, answer questions about visa clear, honest and brief, and then finally you have done your part and the Immigration Service will decide whether your application is accepted  or no.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skilled migrants to be attracted to South Australia

Federal Government of Australia and the government of South Australia reached an agreement on immigration to meet South Australia needs skilled immigrants.

With huge investment of more than 80 billion U.S. dollars for major projects and good prospects of outperforming the national economy over the next decade and to the south Australian government is afraid that their local workforce can not meet the demand for skilled workers.

According to Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, the Australian Government is committed to attract qualified immigrants who could make a positive contribution to Australia's workforce to support the economy. Plans for state of migration are part of this commitment.

"The implementation of plans for state of migration will provide flexibility for state and territory governments to nominate skilled migrants in a wider range of occupations than are available at the time of skilled occupations list (SOL)," said Mr. Bowen.

Overseas residents who have the skills in occupations included in the SOL can apply for permanent residence through a visa for Australia, point-based immigration system. Funding from state / territory government is required for some of these visas.

The list of occupations available to government sponsorship under the South Australian State Qualifying program Migration for 2010-11 contains 258 occupations, ranging from such transactions mechanics, welders, locksmiths and professions such as doctors and engineers.

If you are interested in Australian Visas, contact Migration Expert for information and advice on which visa is best suited for you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to prepare for typical interview questions

Most jobs and employment offers today require some type of interview. The interview is one of the most important parts of the hiring process because the interview often determines who will be hired more than autobiography. Abstracts will all look the same, at some point. But it is in the interview where you will be able to show its good qualities using their own words and his own charm, rather than simply relying on paper. Before the interview began, however, must prepare for typical interview questions. Here's how. 

Prepare your personal work information. Start by making sure that you have prepared some information about yourself. in most cases, the interview questions will be limited to work on issues and topics, but you will also be asked some personal issues against your likes and dislikes, your interests, and maybe even your hobbies. These questions help give interviews and potential employers some ideas about what type of person you are. 

Read about the company information. Then make sure you understand as much about the company or organization to which you plan to work. Do some basic research for the company as the scale of the news, which have been published about the company. The easiest way to do this is through the Internet. Just do a Google search for the company, or visit the company website. Managed company typically include values, mission, vision and objectives of the company. You should be aware of them, and must be able to integrate these into your answers. 

Experience and history. Then you must be prepared to answer questions about his past experience, why not have left his past work, and what training and education you received and who can make you better qualified for the work that you are applying. You may be asked for your college degree, type of work you are applying for in the past, the positions and rankings that you have had in other offices or companies where you worked, and other related matters. 

Why should you be hired. Another important question that you must be prepared to question why they should be employed. This is the question you have to use to show and pay attention to their strengths. When asked this question, the interviewer is basically gives you a signal about to be sold. 

Dress well. Finally, remember to turn your wardrobe in preparation for job interviews. Although it is not necessary to be too dressed for an interview, still need to make sure you look sharp, formal, and very clean during the interview. Besides dressing well, make sure you arrive for a job interview about fifteen minutes before time. 

How to Apply Study Abroad in overseas college or university

With the rising cost of education in the U.S., many parents and students are seriously considering the idea of studying abroad, such as college or university abroad. This is an opportunity for students to learn about other cultures and meet new people and make a student learn to adapt to the global community. The application steps are the same, as applying to college or university at home, but they are also number of factors that need to view. Training and taxes may be lower, but you should also take into account living expenses and travel. See tips below.

Decide what you want, of course must be taken before comparing colleges and universities. If you are a freshman, it will be easier. If you are already in college and want to transfer to a college or university abroad, you have more paper work to prepare properly to check whether the objects you have already taken will be credited. You can also pass a qualifying examination based on their own standards to your notes may be credited to your student record. Decide which side you want to go to refine your search. You can watch some of the sites you approve schools and universities. This will give you basic information about good schools to choose.
Once you have decided on the country, it will be easier for you to find a college or university offers courses that you have decided to take. You can search online for the information you need to know and the requirements you need to prepare. You should also see whether you need to take exams for pre-registration and may take some additional items to complete your request.

Download application form for foreign students and filling. Make sure all applications and requirements are met before sending the request. You must call the school and whether there are other requirements and instructions to be followed by study abroad. Examine the possibility of on-campus dormitories or if the school can help you find the home student. You must submit your application as soon as possible to give the college or university abroad enough time to evaluate your application. This will make preparations for the trip easier and you can use the extra time to find temporary accommodation during your stay.

Make sure you meet the language requirements of the country you have chosen. Most will find college or university whose language of instruction is English and where most citizens can communicate in the language. It will help if you find a local phrase book and dictionary so you can get an idea of the local language and learn a few words before you travel.

To learn more about the school, the people of the country to avoid the impact culture. As can remain in this country for three to four years or until completion, then you better be able to get by myself while mixing with the locals.


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