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O1 Visa Information, O1 Visa Requirements

The O1 visa is a short-term work visa for foreign nationals who have some unusual abilities in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. The visa is also obtainable for individuals engaged in occupations related to TV, movies or creative fields such as makeup artists, designers, photographers and carpenters. However, the visa authorities must be convinced that these people have extraordinary achievements in their own fields.

o1 visa information and requirements

The O1 visa paves the way for recognized artists to showcase their talents abroad in the U.S. markets. Visas are valid for three years and can be complete in increments of one year for their projects

To qualify for this visa, the applicant must be seized by a U.S. corporation or a U.S. agent. A O1 visa applicant can not self-petition.

Requirements for an O1 visa :

Interested candidates must demonstrate extraordinary skills in the arts, sciences, business, education, film, television industry and athletics. In addition, they must have achieved an international reputation in their chosen field. The interested candidate must also prove that he / she came to the United States for a temporary period and his / her purpose of visit is related to events that intend to participate in.

O1 Visa appeal and proof Condition :

The applicant must provide proof that he / she is a winner of the internationally recognized or have at least three of the following criteria:
  1. Published information on the work undertaken by them.
  2. The individual is associated with any organization that requires members to have outstanding achievements.
  3. Scientific, academic or business-related contributions, which has a significant impact on the various fields of study
  4. Having written articles in any major media or professional journals

A O1 visa applicant intends to apply for reasons to be in film or television, must show they are an award winning internationally known as Oscar or Grammy, or by showing any of the three :
  1. Lead or with the role, or established in the organization's reputation.
  2. Any record of commercial success or critical acclaim major;
  3. High salary compared to others in the field

Comparable data may also be submitted if the above standards do not apply to the applicant to establish eligibility for O1 visa. An applicant must also provide a contract between him and the employer and if possible a route planned projects or events.

Things to note any deposit of an O1 visa Application :

Persons accompanying the O1 visa holders can obtain a visa for O2. To qualify for the visa O2 these assistants must show they have a longstanding relationship with the principal applicant. Spouses and children are eligible to file for the visa O3.

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