Friday, June 17, 2011

Tips for the Denmark Green Card Program

Denmark Green Card is a points system for immigration specialists and managers, offering a three-year residence permit to the applicant and their accompanying family members. Selection factors that form part of the point system includes educational and professional qualifications of the applicant, language, number of years of experience in claims, occupation, age of the principal applicant and different other factors such as experience and won the European educational qualifications. Denmark Government announced positive list of professions which forms the basis of green card applicants Denmark

Denmark Green Card information

In analysis of the future authors candidate Denmark Green Card need to be careful and take precautions against the following critical aspects. 

Immigrants should do a careful review of the points based system and careful calculation of the points in the various factors that are part of the selection criteria set for Denmark a green card. It should apply only if meet the minimum pass mark. 
Immigrants candidate must have clarity as to whether the applicant's occupation figures in the positive list of professions. This positive list is based on an assessment of government jobs that have job opportunities and scope in Denmark and the winner likely to be successful immigrants in Denmark.

Immigrants candidate must have a clear understanding of whether or not their education and qualifications meet equal standards of similar qualifications in Denmark. They must ensure to department or expert feedback for this purpose. 
Usually statement of qualifications  in the positive list  against the educational and professional qualifications of immigrant applicant does not qualify, the applicant should be able to provide reference letters supporting employment. They must clearly identify their duties and responsibilities while they were employed. 
Immigrants applicant must provide the accurate amount of the fee and ensure that it has submitted the necessary application forms. Forms must have the necessary and correct information that all essential information.
Immigrants applicant must ensure that it provides relevant supporting documents as regards solid English language proficiency. This can be provided in the form of certain reports in English, test or write the English language skill. In the absence of test, write up should best be written under the expert guidance. 
In the immigrant applicant must ensure that all documents in languages other than English must be translated into English. 
In Denmark, the green card application procedures may require the applicant to provide immigrants a set of certification VIS certain specific documents, the Indian authorities. The applicant must ensure that it has a clear understanding of authorities and procedures that will provide these certificates and will be able to coordinate their actions with these authorities to get such certificates. 
Among the most important requirements is the ability of immigrant’s applicant to meet its settlement costs in Denmark, after approval of visas for the first year. He should be able to provide evidence of its funds and savings as part of the application for a green card Denmark. The applicant should seek expert advice on different forms of savings and financial instruments that may be part of the funds statement. 
Finally, immigrant candidate Denmark Green Card should remember that the application must be submitted to the nearest Danish embassy in the country of its origin.

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