Monday, December 20, 2010

Extended UK student visitor visa for English language students

UK Border Agency has announced the extension of Student Visitor Visa for migrants studying English language courses.

According to this statement, from 10 January 2011 overseas English language students wishing to attend exclusively English language courses in UK will be able to apply for a Student Visitor Visa which allows them to stay for up to 11 months.

For students wishing to study other courses in the UK for longer than 6 months, they will still need to apply under Tier 4 Visa of the points-based system. If non visa-nationals, who would not usually need a visa to study for up to six months, want to study in UK longer, they also must apply for the extended visa.

Other requirements, entitlements, limits and fees of the Extended Student Visitor Visa are the same as the current Student Visitor route. It means that even with the extended visa, students must not work in the UK, undertake an internship, extend their stay, receive private medical treatment or switch into other courses in the UK at the end of their stay.

UK Border Agency also said that a review of the Extended Student Visitor Visa would be carried out within the next 12 months to make sure it is operating as intended.

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