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Immigration South Africa, South Africa Visa,

Immigration to South Africa 
Moving to South Africa offers you the chance to live and work in one of the most exciting and culturally diverse countries in the world.
Home to more than 43 million people, this southern African nation is a true melting pot of cultures and customs with an unrivalled wealth of wildlife and geography.
South African Immigration presents a rich diversity for those who successfully enter the country. 

Divided into nine provinces with major cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria, successful applicants can also enjoy the stunning scenery, including mountainous Swaziland and one of the few locations on earth with a mega diversity of flora and fauna.
The country also enjoys a temperate climate with warm weather almost all year round and more than twice as many hours of sunshine than the UK.
In terms of doing business, the country ranks highly among the nations of the world and those migrating to South Africa will find skills shortages in areas such as IT and engineering, low property prices and a low cost of living.
Although the country has no less than eleven official languages, English is very well represented and those who migrate to South Africa from English speaking countries will find the language in common usage almost everywhere.

Visa for South Africa
Those who wish to immigrate to South Africa may do so through either one of the temporary residence permits available, or alternatively, through one of the permanent residence permits which may, in time, lead to the opportunity to undergo South African naturalisation.
South African Immigration Visas allow people to gain Visas for South African excursions, South African Visas for longer-term work or study-based projects, or permanent residency Visas for those who wish to live and work in South Africa on a permanent basis.
As a specialist Immigration consultancy, Global Visas can help you to abtain any South African Visa service from a temporary Visitor Visa for tourists through to a permanent residence permit through several routes.
Our Immigration consultants can offer Immigration lawyer expertise and can help to ensure that you embark upon the most appropriate route for your relocation to South Africa.

Work visa in South Africa
For those who wish to commence living and working in South Africa for an agreed period of time, Global Visas can help to secure a South African work permit which, like UK work permits and similar documentation in many other countries, allows candidates to work for a specific employer in a specific pre-arranged position.
South African work permits are an employer led temporary residence permit however, the potential for permanent residency in South Africa exists for those who remain in the country for five years or more in possession of a working permit.
In South Africa, Visas are also available for those who wish to work in the country by starting a business or by investing in an existing enterprise.
As is the case with UK Business Visas and US Immigration services such as the EB-5 Investors Visa, these Immigration routes depend largely on an investment being made, but also require demonstrable business experience.

Study visa South Africa: South African Immigration Study Permit
A South African study permit can also be obtained by our migration consultants, allowing foreign nationals to commence studying in South Africa.
In general, South African study permits will be granted for the duration of the course being undertaken.

South African Immigration for Spouse
In South Africa, Immigration is permitted for the spouse or life partner of a South African permanent resident or South African citizen.
Our Immigration lawyers can help you to apply for South African permanent residence through this Immigration service.
In addition, we can also assist people who wish to enter the country under a family Visa route by helping them to obtain a South African relatives permit for family Immigration.
This South Africa Visa service enables relatives within the first or second degree of kinship to South African permanent residents or South African citizens to move to the country on a temporary or permanent basis.

South African Retirement Visa
Retiring in South Africa is a popular option for those who wish to live in South Africa on a seasonal basis, spending part of the year in the country and the remainder in their country of residence.
A South African retirement permit can be granted for four years and renewed any number of times for the same period.

Permanent Residence Visa in South Africa
Many of the Visa types outlined above are granted as temporary residence permits, however in some circumstances candidates may undergo South African Immigration as a permanent arrangement by qualifying for a permanent residency permit.
Permanent resident status affords successful applicants many of the rights and privileges which people with South African citizenship enjoy with some exceptions, most notably the right to vote.
Applying for permanent residence may be possible in categories such as working permits or business permits.

Visa to South Africa
Temporarily relocating to South Africa for the purposes of tourism or visiting family and friends will normally be conducted on a South African Visitor Visa, or Tourist Visa as it is sometimes known.
A South African visitor permit is valid for up to three months and does not permit work in the country, although a short course of study, i.e. one whose duration is contained within the three-month grant, is allowed

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UK Immigration announcement about travel delays due to Volcanic Ash

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has said the following about travellers whose visas have expired and who have been unable to travel due to volcanic ash ending up in the atmosphere after the eruption beneath the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier in south-western Iceland,We appreciate that this is due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control. UKBA has also said that if your UK visa has already expired you should keep documentation confirming your travel plans showing that if the eruption had not occurred you would have left the UK in time and not become an overstayer.

The volcanic eruptions have resulted in most flights throughout Europe being cancelled since last Thursday. Eurocontrol that is responsible for co-ordinating air traffic control in 38 Countries, said that on Saturday 17,000 out of a total number of flights expected on a normal day of 22,000 were cancelled in Europe. It is uncertain how long flight disruption in Europe will continue for. It is possible that a partial ban on flights will continue until late in the week. Some people have speculated that disruption to flights will continue for much longer. The flight ban is costing airlines an estimated US$200 million a day. If the flight ban is not lifted soon businesses that rely on migrant labour may also start to suffer.

If you intend to travel soon to ab european Country for work or pleasure you should make sure before making travel arrangements about flight availability and if the relevant European Airport is actually open.

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If the DV Lottery winner is accepted for further processing, will be sent the visa notification (Second Letter) 4-6 weeks prior to the interview. On the day of the interview the applicant will face the interview after paying the required visa fees. The consulate officer will decide to issue or not to issue visa after checking all the documents and other departments approval.

If the visa is temporarily refused there are two reasons.

1. You need to submit more docoments as requested. You can contact the consular office as instructed to you, to submit the required documents.

2. Under administrative processing means you have to wait and don't contact the consular office. They are waiting clearances from other departments too. The time period for this processing can't be given by the consular office. Once it is done they will contact you personally. 


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Australia Senior Executive Visa is designed is for senior executive employees of major overseas businesses want to emigrating to Australia and who have significant net assets and a genuine and realistic commitment to participate in the management of a new or existing business. This visa is also the first step towards being granted a permanent Business Skills visas Australia.Senior executives from overseas who through their experience have gained the skills to successfully manage a business in Australia who are less than 55 years old and their family.


Australia Senior Executive Visa is valid for four (4) years and if the visa is granted while your in Australia as holder of Student visas only then it is valid from the date of grant outside Australia and valid from the entry expiry date on your visa label.


Before applying for the Senior executive visa you have to get information regarding eligibility of this type of visa.There are two categories in this type of visa.
Main Applicant
Family Member

If you want to know more about these catergories than visit to the official site of Australian visa on line.


The following conditions required for Australia senior excutive visa.

You must not marry before you enter Australia.
You must enter before anyone else included in your visa application.
This simply means that your family members cannot enter Australia before you.
Further,as a Senior Executive (Provisional) visa holder you are expected to provide valuable effort to the Australian economy. You must actively participate in the day to day management of that business at a senior level and continue to make genuine efforts to hold a substantial ownership interest at a senior level in the day to day management of such a business.

In that business you must also do at least one of the following:
Develop business links with international markets
Export Australian goods
Create or maintain employment in Australia
Produce goods or services that would otherwise be imported
Introduce new or improved technology
Add to commercial activity and competitiveness within sectors of the Australian economy
You may be asked to complete a monitoring survey to provide us with information about your business activities in Australia.

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If you want to immigrate any country then it is important to note that all countries impose a restriction on both the time and purpose of the visit when entering the country without a visa. Generally, you can stay sixty to ninety days without a visa in a particular country where you are not allowed to take up employment or perform any gainful activity.


There are different types of visa in Hungary as other countries.The major types  of visa are follows:


If you have a valid passport and airline ticket (boarding card) than you can enter in the international zone (or referred to as transit area). If you stay in the international zone of an airport in a Hungry or any foreign country then you do not generally need to have the visa of the given country even if otherwise your entry to the country is subject to a visa. But the authorities of the given country may demand that you obtain a specific visa for entry to the transit area for security reasons.This type of visa only allows the holder to stay in the transit area for the duration of the transit .


If you are going to apply for a short-term visa for the purpose of entering in Hungary and does not have a visa exemption agreement. This type of visa allows a permanent stay of up to ninety days and your permitted period of stay can be significantly shorter like only for few days. The duration of stay permitted is always shown in the visa because it also indicates whether the permit is for single or for multiply entry.


Honkong  Transit visa only issued when you have to need to passing through a country and your destination is another country. This type of  visa allows a shorter period of stay  which is no longer than 5 days  and permits either single or multiple transit .


Hungary residence visa allows a longer duration of stay and is usually obtained for the purpose of performing work or other gainful activities or undertaking studies (university or college). This type of visa does not grant rights to employment but this is subject to a permit by the authority in charge. If anyone wishing to stay in a Honkong longer than a definite period of time (generally 6-12 months) then person generally needs to obtain a visa and then apply for a residence permit from the immigration authorities.Person are allowed to stay for only sixty to ninety days without a visa in countries which entered into a visa exemption agreement so anyone wishing to stay longer than this in such a country needs to apply for a visa.


Hungary visa Application requires you to fill in a  form (may be in quite detailed) and then attach your passport and along with two passport-size photographs and you need to pay the visa fee. The visa fee may  may vary depending type of visa. Generally, in some cases, You also need to supply a documents showing the  purpose of your visit or an authority permit.The supported documents for e.g. letter of invitation, work permit  for obtaining a visa. The visa application form visa often uses third language frequently used in international relations (e.g. English or French) to fill in the form.The visa  Application for  Honkong is subject to a valid passport and many require that the passport be valid for a further 6 - 12 months at least.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


1) LEARN ENGLISH  Many new immigrants speak English but they need to perfect their English to be well understand by English speaking Canadians and to excel the Canadian workplace. Although one may speak English in his/her native country, it may not be at the same level as Canada. Be open to do what you can to improve your English Speaking skills - take upgrading courses, join Toastmasters, listen to English speaking talk stations including CBC radio and watch English news. Make friends with English speaking people and try to speak as much as possible.

2) STAY POSITIVE  Coming to Canada and finding work and integrating into a new society can be very challenging. The people who stay positive and look upon their new experiences in a positive light and a new adventure will be in a better situation. You will come across negative people in Canada as there are in every country - for every negative person you have in your life, you need to add a positive person. Surround yourself with positive people - there are many naysayers. These people are not going to help you. The positive people will help your attitude and your outlook.

3) EMBRACE CANADA  You have made a big move to come to Canada - be a part of your new country and know as much as you can about it - whether it be news, sports or politics. This is your country now. Get involved in your community in Canada. Know about your sports teams - whether it is in basketball or hockey or others. Be able to talk at the water cooler about what is going on.

4) HAVE A PLAN B  Everyone has his own skills and experience. One comes to Canada with the goals and hopes of working in a field that is similar to what you have done. To ensure that you are successful, one needs to have a Plan B and as some of the participants at the symposium said, you need to have a Plan C, D and E. Perhaps you may have another passion - it may be in a different career path or a second or third choice related to what you were originally chosen to do. Be open to the idea of taking another risk after doing your research first.

5) STAY CLEAR OF ETHNIC  Silos - Immigrants who integrate into the Canadian workplace and Canadian life the best are those who make friends with people from all ethnic groups. Canada is a very mulit-cultural country. Don't limit yourself to be only with people from your native country or fromyour own language group. Be open to making friends with people from all religious and cultural groups.

6) TAKE RISKS By deciding to come to Canada, you have take one of the biggest risks in your life. For that you should be congratulated. To continue your road to success, you need to keep an open mind to new ideas and possibilities. This may be a new business venture or a possible job opportunity for you to consider.

7) VOLUNTEER MENTOR NETWORK  The way to finding work and succeeding in Canada is being involved in the community, volunteering with different professional associations, charities and causes that are important to you. This will build your network and your friendships/relationships that will help you in ensuring your success in Canada in the present and future time.


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