Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why Study In Germany - Studying Abroad in Germany

Germany is well known for its arts and crafts, as well as its architecture. Most intricate designs made of artifacts do all art lovers crave German occupation. Christmas markets are the best place to find some good examples of German art. These markets will offer everything from crackers to German angels. Germans also have some unique customs and behavioral codes that visitors must follow. Another key element in the culture of Germany is German cuisine. Type of food varies from one region to another, but it mainly focuses on meat in the form of sausages and varieties of cakes and desserts.

Why study in Germany ?

Germany has a lot to offer. With more than 300 institutions of higher education is one of the leading countries in the field of research, science and technology.

Every year more than 230,000 foreign students (12% of all students at German universities) come to Germany for training and research.

The standard of higher education in Germany is first rate. The renowned tradition of German Universities dates back to the 14th century and provides exceptional levels of education and research. Products of German companies, especially machine tools, motor vehicles and electrical engineering products are leading the international market.

Studying in Germany often includes interaction with industry. Close ties with companies like SAP, Siemens, DPWN, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), BMW or Bosch will enhance career prospects. Many universities give offer students the opportunity to do internships or conduct research in industry.

Studying in Germany no longer means studying in German medium alone - more than 300 international programs offered at rates that are wholly or partly taught in English. These courses are offered in different disciplines, especially in engineering, science, computer science and economics and lead to internationally recognized bachelor's or master's degree or even a PhD.

Take benefit of study in Germany

Free University

German universities are open to all students. There are no studies and seeking professional experience. Through the credit system established, students learn to manage their own time and safely complete their studies. This will certainly get rid of the huge economic burden and mental stress.

Low cost of living

German government allows students to use and to provide the minimum standard of pay. So for the first year of study in Germany, in addition to 10,000 marks, which you have prepared for the cost of living, the remaining amount will come from your salary

It is easier to earn a master's degree

Graduates can earn a master's degree immediately after graduation without having to make a test that causes great trouble. This is very attractive, especially for foreign students.

Developed economy and leading academic degree

Germany's GDP per capita is one of the first, or one of the highest in the world. It relies on the strength of their education and their strong foundation in science and technology. Germany is a quality education is recognized worldwide.

Students will have a better future and a broader space for development

Recent graduates are German companies in China or Southeast Asia, and this was the employment model. There is a great opportunity for the students when they return to China, not only because they know the German language, but also because of their European background.


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