Thursday, June 21, 2012

Student Visa for Spain

Who is considered a student?

Foreigners coming to Spain for the sole reason of study or undertaking research, training or non-remunerative work in the Spanish educational or scientific, public or private, officially known center. Foreign students, who desire to take out studies in Spain, must apply for the visa at the diplomatic or consular offices before their arrival. Proof of previous studies to be delivered.
Student Visa for Spain
Need For Student Visa.

Once they are in Spain, foreign students must apply for a permit to remain during the selected time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or police station.

Where To Apply ?

At the local Foreign Office or Police Department.
Documents Requirements :
student visa for spain requirements

All documents for entry and stay in Spain are in order, including visa to make or enlarge studies.

The student is frequently accepted in any private / public educational and technical center to undertake / extend studies or undertake non-lucrative jobs in research or educational centers.

The study plan implies attending no less than three months, with the approved studies, research or educational itinerary.

If a student is more of age and not accompanied by their parents, they will have to provide written authorization to travel to the student and studying. This authorization must include details of school and length of stay.

Students must demonstrate and ensure that they have the financial means to live, to support their studies, their stay and return to his country, and, if necessary, their relatives.

How long does a student visa?

It allows for the entire duration of the course and  yes, student visa is renewed.

When the validity of a student visa turn off?

When the activity for which it was decided comes to an end.When over the period to which it was granted.

Foreign students to work in Spain?

In general, foreign students can not perform any profitable business, but it will be allowed if it does not restrict the study objectives.

Foreign Students Relatives Comes To Spain ?

Students who have a visa to study may apply for appropriate visas for their relatives to go into and stay in Spain, during their studies and research. They do not require staying period before foreign student.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Norway Work Permit Visa

Norway jobs skilled worker 'permit.

Eligible for a work permit in Norway as a skilled worker required to have: professional training in skilled work, university or college education, or another area of special expertise. You also must have a complete job offer from the Norwegian business. Your work will have to meet certain wage and skill requirements, so assessment to decide your eligibility to work in Norway.

Norway Work Permit Visa

Skilled Job-seeker "Norwegian work permit.

Work permit for Norway can also be obtained without a job offer. "Skilled Job-seeker" Norwegian work permit allows you to live in Norway for six months to seek work. After the applicant has a job in Norway, they will be grateful to apply for a job standard "skilled worker" visa Norway. The eligibility criteria for this category of visa are the same as the authorization of the "skilled worker" (except for confirmed job offer). Take the free assessment to see if they meet the requirements for work in Norway.

Self-employed work permit Norway.

You can apply for a visa to live and work in Norway, if you plan on starting your own business in the country. It depends on the resources and business skills. Like the work of "skilled worker" Norway authorization will be required to meet sure requirements for skills and education.

Types of job visa in Norway.

Norway Work Permit Visa requirements

There are many different ways to be eligible for work in Norway. Besides the above categories of visa for Norway, your options include:

Visa for higher wages "specialist"
Eligible to work part time with a student visa Norway.
Visas for workers of international companies with offices in Norway.
Visa for self-funded researchers.
Seasonal worker visa (for unskilled workers).
A variety of educational and exchange programs.

These are just some of the many different ways to work in Norway. With so many choices, it is important to consult with experts to find the perfect job in Norway visa for your needs.


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