Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Canada Visa Lottery 2012 - 2013

In fact, Canada Visa Lottery 2012 - 2013 does not exist. Alternatively, the Canadian government offers several programs for visas to foreign nationals to come to Canada permanently and contribute to its economy. These visa programs are included, but not incomplete to.

1) The federal skilled workers
2) Business Immigration
3) Study Permits,
4) Provincial programs nominees
5) Quebec immigrants
6) Work permit
Canada Visa Lottery 2012 - 2013

On the other hand Canada Visa Lottery 2013 -2014 is not an official program of the Canadian government. There are a number of false and untruthful companies that are advertising Canada Visa Lottery Program 2013 -2014. It is notable that these companies offer the suspected winners that they will pay for the visa procedure and Canada will help you immigrate to Canada without difficulty.

All through the world, only the U.S. Government offers U.S. Visa Lottery to 50,000 people on some specific aspects of the world. In calculation, eligible people who now live in Canada to participate in the annual DV lottery program. Note that these people must have been born in countries eligible for funding for the U.S. Visa Lottery. People who were born in Canada are not suitable to participate in this lottery in agreement with U.S. DV lottery information.

So it is crystal clear that Canada visa lottery is run by unprincipled people who want to make money from people stupid. If you want to apply for a student, immigrant or visitor to visit the Canadian Embassy website of your home country and get forms and suggestion from them. Pay fees for processing a visa for Canadian embassies familiar banks.

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