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R1 Visa ,Criteria to Qualify for an R1 Visa,Features of the R1 Visa Category

Foreign nationals can come to the United States in the type immigrant visa immigrant or not. Immigrants arrive with the purpose to live permanently in the United States as immigrants not only intend to stay temporarily for a exact purpose, such as for tourism or medical treatment.

There are some types of non-immigrant visas. Each visa is granted for a different purpose and each is called by a letter-number mixture, as well as a name. When a person gets a non-immigrant visa, he / she should perform only specific authorized activities while in the United States. The person is given a special visa allowing this activity to a specific, limited in time.

R1 Visa

R1 Visa :

The R1 visa is for workers with a religious career who wish to come to the United States to work in the short term in a non-profit organization religious

Religious workers are ministers of religion who are certified by a recognized denomination to conduct religious worship and perform other tasks normally performed by the clergy (such as administering the sacraments). It does not apply to lay preachers.

Religious vocation means a calling to religious life, as evidenced by the manifestation of a long-term commitment, such as taking vows. Examples of religious vocations nuns, monks and religious.

Religious workers who wish to stay in the U.S. permanently may file Form I-360. This form is used to appeal for particular immigrant status. It allows religious organizations to apply for permanent resident status (green card status) for a religious worker.

Foreign nationals (or ministers who work in religious occupations) can come to the United States for temporary employment by a non profit religious visa through R1. The religious worker must have a proper job offer to a religious tax-exempt organization. The job must be at least part time (with an average of at least twenty hours per week).

Eligibility for the visa R1 :

Foreign national religious workers should have been a member of a religious denomination for at least two years immediately preceding the filing of the petition.
The denomination should be a bona fide nonprofit religious organization in the United States.

The person is in the U.S. to work solely:

As minister of that denomination, or

In a professional position in a religious vocation or occupation for that organization;

In a religious profession to the organization or non-profit affiliate.

The owner of an R1 visa can stay in the United States for up to 30 months and can then extend the status of his / her for an additional thirty months for up to five years in the same status R1.

Criteria to Qualify for an R1 Visa :

The owner of an R1 visa can travel freely in and out of the United States.

There is no numerical limit to R-1 visas.

The owner of an R1 visa may receive payment for services he / she makes.

State R1 is valid until 30 months and can also be renewed for an additional thirty months for a total of five years.

Spouses or unmarried children under 21 can obtain a visa R 2. Although R 2 visa holders can not work in the United States, they can study in U.S. elementary and secondary schools.


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