Monday, February 7, 2011

The Schengen Visa,Types of Schengen visas

This is a tourist visa used to visit many European countries without the need for separate visas for anyone who Schengen visa means that you can travel freely between countries that have Schengen agreement within 90 days Within six months period.

Countries that support the Schengen visas: 


Where to apply for Schengen Visa 

Before your trip you will need to visit the country you wish to visit the embassy so that if you plan to travel to Spain, you will need to visit the Spanish Embassy in South Africa to apply for a Schengen visa. Before going to the embassy will have to take a few things with you:

Copy of passport
A copy of your itinerary and accommodation details
Evidence of your finances: tax receipt of foreign exchange purchased by applicant name: Traveler's checks if you have to use credit cards, recent credit card statement.
Take the exact amount of money you need
Travel insurance documents
Official letter from your company if you are traveling for business
Certified parental consent from both parents for children under the age of 18 traveling alone.
If you are not sure which side to apply, if you make a European tour is a good rule to apply in the country that will be the longest or the country in which the entry will be the first place.

Types of Schengen visas: 

Transit visas, this visa accounts for one to five days stay, single or double entry and provide for a third trip to the Schengen area are another non-Schengen. If you arrive from a third Schengen area by main destination of one or several Schengen area and back to the original point of departure, and then a short stay visa will be given you.

Short stay visa, this is a -90 days stay, single, double or multiple entries.
Long-stay visas, they have a visa to visit more than 90 days and national visas and are issued by Member States in accordance with national legislation.
ATV: Required by nationals of certain countries, but not South African citizens.
Although it seems that getting a Schengen visa is very hard work, remember to take all legal documentation with you to reduce stress, and the exact amount of money. Do not forget travel insurance and not rely on credit cards or your medical insurance when traveling since they were rejected as inadequate by some embassies in the past. For prices contact the embassy of the country you want to visit as prices change.

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