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700 Million Worldwide wish to Emigrate,people emigrate worldwide,

Gallup the opinion poll company has done a survey from 2007 to 2009 in 135 Countries to find out what people's intentions are. 16 percent of the World's population would like to, if possible, move permanently to another Country. This is about 700 million people worldwide.

Some of the findings are as follows:

People from sub-Saharan African Countries are the most likely to want to emigrate. Thirty-eight percent of the adult population wish to move abroad from this region which is about 165 million people.

Those from asian Countries are the least likely to want to move. Ten percent are interested in immigration which is approximately 250 million people.
The United States is the most popular Country for would be immigrants. Almost one quarter of those surveyed were interested in moving to the USA. This represents more than 165 million adults around the World.
It is estimated that approximately 45 million people would be interested in moving to Canada.
North America and Europe are the most popular immigration destination regions of the World. Approximately 80 million people in the EU would like to move to another EU Country.
45 million people would like to move to the UK or France.
35 million would like to live in Spain.
25 million would like to emigrate to Germany.
30 million would like to move to Saudi Arabia.
25 million would like to move to Australia.

Gallup based its results on telephone and face to face interview with 259,542 adults, aged 15 and older, in 135 countries from 2007 to 2009. The 135 countries represent 93% of the world's adult population.

Changes to British Nationality Law from January 2010,British nationality change january 2010

The UK Border Agency in August 2009 announced changes to British Nationality Law under the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009. Some of these changes will take place in January 2010.

The most significant change will be the introduction of "earned citizenship"; This will not come into force until the Summer of 2011. From January 2010 changes will take place which will make it easier for people in a limited number of cases to gain UK citizenship:

Children born to those in the British Armed Forces who would not otherwise qualify for UK Citizenship may be registered. Children born in the UK to a parent who then joins the Armed Forces can also be registered.
Children born outside the UK to British parents who were also born outside the UK, but who have a grandparent born in the UK can currently be registered as British within twelve months of the child's birth. This period will be extended so that the child can be registered at any time before the age of eighteen years.
British Nationals Overseas (people with a connection to Hong Kong) who have not after 19 March 2009, given up or lost an alternative nationality by his or her own action or failure to act may be registered as British Citizens.

Those born overseas to British mothers before 8 February 1961 who would have acquired British citizenship had their father been British will be able to register as British citizens. It should be noted that in some circumstances the children of unmarried British fathers are still being discriminated against.

It is yet to be decided what the requirements will be for "earned citizenship". Probably there will be a probationary period during which time you will have to show that you will be a "good citizen". If you meet the requirements for UK citizenship it may be worth considering making an application sometime in the next twelve months. If you already have a pending application with the Home Office you will be considered under the current rules. You will not come under the new rules.

If you qualify for indefinite leave to remain you should apply sooner rather than later. Those with indefinite leave to remain have until July 2013 in which to apply for UK citizenship under the existing criteria.
You will also find further details of the changes in our previous report on UK citizenship.

UK Border Agency asks for comments on UK Visa Charges

New Requirements for UK Tier 2 Visas

UK - Age limit lowered for entry of spouses and partners of points-based system applicants

UK Tier 2 Report by Migration Advisory Committee

UK Student visas - International Baccalaureate qualifications concession

Proposed changes to UK citizenship laws

Business Skills Migration(Australia)

If you are a well-qualified and successful business person wishing to move to Australia under the business migration categories, there may very well be an opportunity for you to eventually gain permanent entry to Australia. It is likely that you will be able to apply in a category under which relevant skills, business experience and language ability are needed in order to satisfy Australian immigration requirements to live and work in Australia. If you don't meet these requirements, you may alternatively qualify if you meet skilled migration visa requirements.

Each business migration category has different requirements for entry to Australia. In most cases you will be granted a four-year temporary business visa initially, and then after satisfying evidence of a specific level of business activity or investment, you will be able to apply for permanent residency. A direct permanent residence category will still be available for high-calibre business migrants sponsored by State/Territory governments known as the Business Talent visa. Please select the relevant link from the categories below for more information on the requirements for each visa class:

Business Entry categories :

==>Business Owner - for owners or part-owners of a business
==:Senior Executive - for senior executive employees of major businesses. For Business Owners and Senior Executives, certain obligations must be met and applicants will be monitored on arrival in Australia
==>Investor - for investors/business people willing to make a significant investment in Australia Note: Applicants coming under all of the above categories may also be sponsored by an Australian State/Territory, making the requirements for business entry a bit more lenient, because sponsorship from a State or Territory government allows applicants to be assessed against lower level criteria. State and Territory governments have specific criteria for deciding who they will sponsor and the relevant State/Territory business development agencies should be contacted for information in this regard.
==>Business Talent (permanent residency) - for very high-calibre business people who have sponsorship from an Australian State/Territory government.
==>If you are a UK business opening up a branch or office in Australia, please see our special information on visas for you and/or your employees.

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Immigration Canada & Visa Services for Australia Immigration, UK HSMP Visa, Free Assessment for Europe Immigration and New Zealand Immigration.

Canadian Government Immigration Plan to boost immigration,canada government plan

On 30 October 2009 Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, put forward Citizenship and Immigration Canada's 2009 Annual Report.

"While other countries have cut back immigration levels as a short-term response to the global economic downturn, our government is actually maintaining its immigration levels to meet the country's medium - to long - term economic needs," said Minister Kenney.

"Canada plans to welcome between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2010, the same number of immigrants as in recent years. In 2010, Canada will again welcome more new permanent residents than the average annual intake during the 1990s," said Minister Kenney. "The focus of the 2010 plan is on economic immigration to support Canada's economy during and beyond the current economic recovery."
The good news is that the admission range for immigrants nominated by the provinces and territories has been increased. It is felt that provinces and territories are most likely to know most about their labour market needs and, also, that increasing the number of visa under this category will result in immigration benefitting the whole of Canada. Another benefit is that people coming under the provincial nominee programme will mean fewer people having to come under the federal skilled worker program which means increased resources so that skilled worker applications can be dealt with more quickly.

In the last year the Canadian Government has had an action plan that has resulted in faster processing of immigration visas. "People applying now under the federal skilled worker program can expect to receive a decision within six to twelve months, compared to up to six years under the old system," said Minister Kenney. "We've also brought the backlog of federal skilled worker applicants down from over 630,000 to 425,000—a reduction of more than 30%."

There is still a backlog of people waiting for decisions on their applications who applied before 27 February 2008. This is the date that the action plan took effect. Since this date a further 240,000 people have applied under the Canadian skilled worker program. The action plan has been a success and has resulted in twelve percent fewer people waiting for a decision than before. This is including the 240,000 new applicants.

"Before we changed the system, we had to process every application received. Since many more people applied every year than could be accepted, a backlog was created," said Minister Kenney. "Now that we are processing only those applications that meet specified criteria, our Government is making significant progress in reducing the backlog."

"The Government of Canada will continue to work with provinces, territories and stakeholders to make sure immigration meets the needs of communities, employers and families now and in the future," concluded the Minister.

Medical Professionals(Australia),future medical profession in Australia

Medical currently in high demand in Australia and for this reason, if you are a nurse, you might be able to get your visa processed quite quickly. There are excellent nursing jobs and career opportunities available, whether you want to immigrate to Australia, or just stay for a few years.

Required qualifications : In Australia, to work as a nurse you need to be in good health and have a certain level of education and experience.


To determine whether you can work in Australia as a nurse, you will need to be assessed by either the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) or the nurse regulatory body in the State or Territory in which you wish to work.If you would like to work in a hospital or other health care area, you will also need to pass a health examination which includes a chest x-ray.

Medical Practitioner Temporary Visa :

Medical Practitioner visas are a temporary visa to allow Australian employers to sponsor doctors to work in Australia. Overseas doctors can be sponsored for a period of 4 years to work in areas of high demand, such as rural and regional areas. The term 'medical practitioner' covers radiologists, doctors, or specialists in any medical field. This visa is not designed for nurses or other paramedical professions, who should look at the Temporary Business Visa.

At present there is a high demand for medical professionals in Australia as many country areas are experiencing difficulties in hiring suitable staff. Facilities are good, and there are back-up services such as the Royal Australian Flying Doctor. If you are considering a move to Australia, and you hold good qualifications, this is an excellent opportunity.

Employer Nomination Scheme :

If you are sponsored by an employer, are less than 45 years of age and have three years training followed by three years relevant work experience, you may be eligible for a permanent visa under this scheme. This scheme is designed to help employers that have been unable to fill a vacancy from the Australian labour market or through their own training.

Labour Agreements :

A Labour Agreement between an employer and the Australian Government allows an employer to recruit nurses on a permanent basis to fill vacant positions as needed.
Skilled Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme :

This scheme helps employers in regional or low population growth areas recruit skilled overseas nurses on a permanent basis, when they are unable to fill vacancies from the local labour market. You must have the equivalent of an Australian diploma (two years full-time study) or higher to be considered under this scheme.

Skill Matching visa :

This visa is for nurses whose skills are in demand and are seeking to be nominated by a State or Territory government or an employer. To qualify for this permanent visa, you must satisfy certain criteria for skills, age and English language ability.

Business visa :

The business visas option allows a registered nurse to work temporarily in Australia for an approved business sponsor. You can stay up to four years with full work rights for yourself and accompanying family members.

Skilled Independent visa :

The skilled independent visa is a permanent visa is for nurses who do not have a sponsor or who choose not to be sponsored. You must pass a points test that considers a range of factors including skills, age, English language ability, specific work experience and occupation. Additional points are awarded if you have Australian qualifications and work experience.

Working Holiday Maker visa :

If you are between 18 and 30, you may be able to come to Australia temporarily for a working holiday. This visa allows you to stay for 12 months and work as a nurse with any one employer for a maximum of three months, provided your work remains incidental to your holidays.

Employer sponsored visas Australia

This is an employer sponsored visa, also referred to as the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). Permanent residents entering Australia under the Employer Nomination Scheme have a job waiting for them, or you can apply for this visa in Australia if you hold a Temporary Working Visa, (there is an opportunity with some other temporary working visas too), a Working Holiday visa, or a Skilled - Graduate (temporary) visa. Your Australian employer is your sponsor.

Since July, 2005, this visa category has been considerably changed to encourage more skilled workers to enter this country. Australia is hungry for skilled workers, particularly those with trade skills.
The Australian employer must pay a nomination fee to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Business Centre.
As the employee, you must also pay a fee for this visa. It is more expensive if you are already in Australia. This payment includes all family members in the application. Other costs will be immigrants' medical assessments, skills assessment fee (if required), police clearance documents, translations if necessary, medical reports and photographs. These payments are not refundable if the application is unsuccessful.

Information for Australian employers.
you are an Australian employer who wishes to fill a job vacancy from overseas, by employing an employee who is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, please contact us for more information

Regional (Designated Area) Employer Sponsored Migration Visa onshore and offshore
This visa, also called the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), is to help employers who live in areas AWAY from the large cities to find skilled workers. If your business is in a city area, please use the above-mentioned visa instead.
As a migrant applicant, you must be prepared to live in a or a country area or one of the smaller capital cities. Country areas are beautiful and the people very friendly and helpful to new arrivals. You can apply for this visa from inside Australia, or from offshore, but if you are already in Australia you must hold a substantive qualifying visa with working provision. This is an essential requirement.

There are three stages, unless the appointment is exceptional:

The Regional Certifying Body (RCB) must approve the nomination and job vacancy.
The employer applies to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to be able to employ an overseas worker by giving full details of the company structure, and the type of employee needed. There are other requirements here – see on the website.
The nominated employee applies for a visa.

Canada Uk Australia Usa Immigration News November 2009

Immigration policies and conditions are constantly changing, and some of these changes may affect your eligibility to immigrate to Canada, the UK, Australia or the United States. We would like to advise you of some important changes that have happened over the past month:

The Canadian Government has announced new rules designed to protect the rights of overseas temporary workers from exploitation. The added security and monitoring makes Canada a perfect location for temporary workers.

The UK Border Agency ('UKBA') has announced a range of enhancements to their Tier 2 skilled worker or work permit scheme.

Australia has recovered extremely well from the financial crisis, and still needs skilled workers. However, the Government has made immigration rules more strict to ensure that people with the right skills and experience required are able to immigrate.

United States Immigration is bracing for the holiday season, and have advised that U.S. migrants wishing to travel internationally and return to the United States, need to get their Advance Parole application in early so it can be processed in time.

If you have taken our free Visa Eligibility Assessment and passed, we recommend that you start your application now while you still meet the criteria. If you took our assessment previously and did not meet the criteria, we recommend you retake the assessment, as many things have changed and you may now qualify.


Canada Celebrates Citizenship Week 2009
The week of October 19-23 is Canadian Citizenship week - this week in ceremonies across the country Canada will welcome hundreds of new citizens and hundreds more will reaffirm their commitment to Canada.

Canada is taking action to help protect foreign temporary workers
In the near future companies seeking to bring temporary foreign workers into Canada will be more closely watched and those not following the rules will be 'named and shamed' Citizenship and Immigration Canada has promised.

Small Towns in Canada benefiting from Immigration
A report issued by the Conference Board of Canada reports that many Canadian small towns have found new life due to an increase in immigration to Canada.


Enhancement of Tier 2 eligibility criteria

The UK Border Agency ('UKBA') has announced a range of enhancements to their Tier 2 skilled worker or work permit scheme.

Migrant Baby boom prompts call for new schools

A report released by a cross-party group on UK migration has suggested that up to 96,000 new school places would be required by 2013 to manage a migrant related baby boom.

New UK Visa route for Turkish business people

The UK Border Agency ('UKBA') has announced a new visa route for Turkish nationals applying to establish a business in the UK under the European Community Association Agreement ('ECAA').


DIAC Recommends Visa Applications to be Lodged by November 6

The Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) has advised that people intending to lodge applications for overseas family members to visit Australia over Christmas should do so before November 6, 2009.

DIAC Changes Re-Use Health Check Policy

On November 9, 2009, The Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) will suspend arrangements that allow some visa applicants to re-use previous health examination reports. M

Australia Commences New Citizenship Test

On Monday, October 19, the new Australian Citizenship test commenced. The test assesses prospective Australian citizens on their understanding of Australian civics, and the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.


USCIS Offers Free Naturalization Information Sessions

The USCIS is offering free naturalization information sessions to the general public at various locations around the country.

USCIS Reminds Advance Parole Applicants to Apply Early

With the holiday season fast approaching the United States and Immigration Service (USCIS) issued a reminder to applicants for Advance Parole to apply early.

Agent Filing Requirements Clarified for O and P Visas

Recently the United States and Immigration Service (USCIS) clarified the requirements for agents interested in filing as petitioners for the O and P nonimmigrant visa classifications.

UK Prime Minister speech on UK immigration,speech prime minister on uk immigration

The British Prime Minister the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP today set out the United Kingdom Government's views on immigration in a speech in west London. The Government describes the UK immigration system as being tough but fair.

This is the first major speech on immigration by the British Prime Minister since February 2008. Mr Brown feels that it is important that, if possible, British rather than migrant workers help to fill skill gaps.
Key sections of Gordon Brown's speech:

Migrants should obey the law, be able to speak English and make a contribution to British society.
Removal of more occupations from the in-demand list. This will make it more difficult for employers to obtain Tier 2 visas. Employers will need to advertise to show that they cannot find workers from the resident labour market to fill the vacancies. Employers already have to do this much of the time.

It is claimed that current measures had reduced the number of positions available for migrant workers by 30,000 and that reducing the in-demand list further will result in fewer migrant workers being able to gain entry to the UK.

There will be a review of student visas to try and prevent students working illegally in the UK. It should be noted that in general students can, anyway, work part-time during term time and full time during their holidays.

Gordon Brown said:

Immigration is not an issue for fringe parties nor a taboo subject - it is a question at the heart of our politics, a question about what it means to be British; about the values we hold dear and the responsibilities we expect of those coming into our country; about how we secure the skills we need to compete in the global economy; about how we preserve and strengthen our communities.'

It has been shown that immigration is good for the UK economy. Skilled workers are still needed in a number of occupations to deal with skills shortages. It should be noted that there is competition around the World for skilled workers. Any immigration system must make it possible for employers to attract the best available talent from around the World.

Student Visa Australia

Student Visa Australia

Student visas Australia :

Tens of thousands of students come to beautiful Australia every year to take advantage of the high-level of education. The process to obtain a visa depends on your country of origin.

Australia has agreements with certain countries - called Gazetted Countries. If you are a national of a Gazetted Country, a visa will be easier to obtain.

Students from Non-Gazetted Countries will normally be required to obtain a "Favourable Genuiness Assessment" (FGA) from the Australian Embassy before applying to the educational institution for acceptance.

You can be granted a student visa only if you wish to undertake a registered course or part of a registered course on a full-time basis.

A registered course is an education or training course offered by an Australian education provider who is registered with the Australian Government to offer courses to overseas students.

Life in the UK Citizenship Test, Citizenship Test in UK

Once you have passed the life in the UK test and received your certificate, please feel free to contact us. With our extremely competitive rates, our expert immigration caseworkers will be able to assist you in making your successful application immediately.

Life in the UK citizenship test

Who needs to take the Test :

The UK government introduced this test for those wishing to become a British citizen to prove that they know about life in the UK.You will have to take the test if you are applying for naturalisation as a British citizen and your level of English is good. If your English is not very strong and you wish to apply for naturalisation, you will need to attend combined English language (ESOL) and citizenship classes instead. ESOL and citizenship classes help you to improve your English and learn more about life in the UK. You can find out your level of English by being assessed at a local further education college.

At present, the test is only available in English, but will be offered in Welsh and Scottish Gaelic in the future. The test will not be made available in any other languages.


You should take the test before you apply for naturalisation as a British citizen, provided you meet the other requirements for naturalisation. If you pass the test, you will be given a letter proving you have been successful. This is called your pass notification letter. Keep this letter in a safe place! If you lose it, you'll have to take the test again. Once you have this document, can help you submit your application for UK citizenship.

Should you fail the Life in the UK test, it is recommended that you study the preparation book 'Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship' again before re-scheduling the test.

The test questions

The test is a series of 24 questions based on chapters 2, 3 and 4 of 'Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship.' You should read chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the 'Life in the United Kingdom' handbook very carefully. You will have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions. You can use all of the time available, so you should not rush to finish quickly. It is a good idea to review your answers.If you have certain medical conditions, you may be allowed more time. You should mention this when you book the test.

US green Card lottery,Usa lottery, lottery of Usa, green card Usa

US Green Card Lottery

Each year, 55,000 United States permanent resident visas are given away to citizens of countries with low immigration rates into the U.S. through a lottery process. If, after a random selection process, you receive a permanent resident visa through the DV-2011 (Green Card) Lottery, you can live and work permanently in the United States. You can also bring your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21.

US Green Card Lottery

The United States Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery for 2011 (DV-2011 Lottery) will begin at 12:00pm, EDT, 2 October 2009 and end at 12:00pm EST, 30 November 2009. Submitting your application and give you peace of mind that you will have your application ready on time.

Green Card Lottery guarantee :

Your Green Card Lottery entry will be submitted online to the Department of State in the correct format. If we find after you have paid that you do not meet the requirements for entry to the Lottery we will refund the fees.

New policy in UK,Finger print checks on UK Immigration Entry

In most cases from 30 November 2009 overseas nationals entering the UK will need to undergo fingerprint checks; This will cover those with biometric UK visas, entry clearances and identity cards for foreign nationals (ICFNs).
Finger print checks on UK immigration entry

Fingerprints will be scanned at border control and the fingerprints will then be checked against records held for the particular passenger. This will enable UKBA to make sure that the passenger is the same person who previously applied for a visa, entry clearance or identity card.


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