Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Benefits of Holding an Australian Permanent Residence

Suitable an Australian resident is one of the largest dreams of most Australian immigrants residing only in the short term in Australia. This is the fact that there are certain privileges and rights that they could receive once they have decided Australian permanent residence visa. By holding this visa, one of the main benefits they will enjoy unrestricted rights to live and reside in Australia. This means that they can leave and re-enter Australia as long as the visa is still valid and effective, regardless of nationality.

Benefits of Holding an Australian Permanent Residence
Moreover, the length of stay in Australia is also indefinite, unlike other Australian visas such as tourist visas and working holiday visas that only allow immigrants to stay for one year and must to leave Australia before this expires. Unless there are some cases of criminal records or failure to obey with other immigration rules, the validity of a visa for permanent residence will last up to five years from the date of which is provided. But though this visa has reached its initial expiry, the holder can still have the privilege to remain in Australia indefinitely without breaking the immigration rules & regulations.

As part of the basic insurance package the Australian Government, Australian permanent residents are also entitled to receive free medical care and after completing two years of holding permanent residence permit, they will soon enjoy social security benefits. Besides these benefits, they also have rights to sponsor their relatives. But, they must meet the criteria for PR and to complete the necessary requirements or support legal documents before they become entitled to sponsor their families. In terms of their employment career, they have rights to safe profession in all Australian employers or even entering government positions. But, employment in the Australian public service or protection forces is limited to Australian citizens.

Australian Permanent Residence

Betting permanent residents are qualified to become Australian citizens as holding permanent residence (PR), can lead them to full Australian citizenship. This is another great incentive for them after they have lived continuously in Australia for two years and also met certain requirements issued to them. Once they are decided to become full citizens, they will enjoy great benefits, including access to free or subsidized education, legal and health services. Full enable citizens to vote in elections for state and local, because some states allow them specifically those from the Commonwealth. But, they do not have right vote in federal elections.

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