Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best Career Move to Australia - Engineers

If you're an engineer, Australia is a place where you could decide for your next career move. Both the Australian Government and industry employers set up programs to attract people with technical skills, experienced professionals and innovative graduates.

Engineering salaries 60% above Average World

A recent report by the Council Minerals of Australia (MCA) has salary of Australian engineers are the highest in the world weighing less than 60% above the worldwide average. Although a profitable compensation system is still drawing a map, safe work environments also know Australia for an outstanding promise.
Engineers- Best Career Move to Australia

Australian universities are struggling to manage with the demand for skills in engineering and geology created by the successful industry resources. Currently, 98 major projects are in the final stages of development in the mining, oil and gas, and energy. This activity puts pressure on the labor market engineering courses.

Powered by skills shortage of latest projects

Approximately all engineering disciplines is the demand for mining engineers and senior engineering civil construction through the marine engineering jobs and job creators piping. Due to the strong demand for Australian natural resources from emerging economies such as China, major infrastructure projects are underway in rail, port and transport projects for general help produce more product.

Greenfield mining projects are under construction LNG and other energy projects across the country. As Western Australia and Queensland are suffering severe shortages of technical skills and are looking for temporary migration to fill the gaps. Engineers around the world to enjoy working on new projects, some of which come once in a career.

Graduate engineers also require

But Australia also seeks to provide young engineers in the hope that they will migrate to "The Lucky Country" permanently. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has recently opened the doors wider than ever before engineering graduates, revising the 476 visa requirements.

Move to Australia

Any graduate from college with an engineering degree are encouraged to explore the 476 visas. It is designed to provide engineering graduates under the age of 31 to live and work in Australia for up to 18 months. Once in Australia, visa holders are encouraged to convert their visa to a permanent resident visa that allows them to say indefinitely. Engineering jobs Graduate in Australia offer challenges and career opportunities many are not available in other countries.

If you are a capable engineer - with or without experience - Australian resources industry is interested in your skills. Migrants represent more than 50% of the workforce in engineering courses to Australia offers a work environment that truly multi-cultural. With exciting projects, cities very livable wages and extreme weather, terrible, Australia is a fantastic objective career, no matter what you are looking for in your next mission

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Canada Change Temporary Work, Sponsorship, And Student Visas

Canadian Immigration has brought some changes to the rule to avoid immigration issues visa fraud and make it easier for immigrants to integrate into society.

Work Permit :

Completion of opinion on the labor market accelerated - Canadian employer must get an opinion on the labor market (AMT). The Government of Canada representative issues AMT that the hiring of a foreign professional will have a positive (or neutral) effect on the local labor market.

Bridging Work Permit - This new visa system applies to persons who have applied for a Canadian visa for PR and already residing and working in Canada on a temporary work permit.

Student Visas :

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has been proposed to cap the licensing studies for students attending a Canadian institution that has been designated by the province or country.

A new study permit has also been proposed by CIC to permit students to work off-campus on a part-time basis. Currently, students must have a separate temporary work permit to work outside of their school.

Family Reunification :

Fight against fraud and to support genuine visa applicants; two new regulations were put in place by the CIC.

1. People who became Canadian PR through the joint sponsorship program must continue their permanent resident status for five years before they can in turn sponsor a spouse.

2. For couples who have stayed together for two years or less and have no children together, the sponsored person will receive provisional PR for two years. The couple must prove that they remained together in a legitimate Canada.

Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Get a Visa in Southern California

The procedure of obtaining a visa in southern California is the same as it is everywhere in the United States. After all, when it comes to receiving a visa to travel abroad, where you are is not as important as where you go. Requirements be different by country; research the entry requirements of your destination will make your trip planning easier and save you from unnecessary work, because many countries do not require U.S. citizens to have a visa if they are tourists and the planned visit is less than 90 days.

The U.S. State Department has a database on its website (travel.state.gov) with visa requirements for each country in the world, the U.S. embassy and consular offices, security information and medical conditions. Knowing the needs of the country is particularly important if you plan to enter the country as a tourist and plan to stay a while. The State Department's website includes a list of required vaccinations for each country as well.

You must have a valid U.S. passport. In general, your passport must be valid for the duration of your trip and have at least one or two blank pages. The exact requirements vary by country. For example, China requires that your passport does not expire for at least six months after your departure from China. Senegal requires that your passport be valid for three months after your departure from the country. In most cases, this is for your protection in case of unexpected and you have to stay longer in the country you are visiting.

Get a visa at the Embassy, Consulate or designated office in the country you are visiting. Most applications require you to provide your passport and a recent photo glued or stapled to the application. The specific information that must be included in the application includes your name, passport purpose of your stay and the duration of your stay.
Submit your application and the required fee, in agreement with the instructions of the embassies. Some embassies allow you to post requests for revision; others require that you submit your application in person.

Wait for your acceptance. Processing times vary embassies. The waiting time is as fast as four days for some countries or as long as two to four weeks for others.

Dual Citizenship South Africa

We frequently receive issues of South African passports seconds curious how it did, or did not complete their South African citizenship.Much confusion and different stories circulating on the Internet and South African ex pat communities whether South Africans are allowed dual citizenship and their correct to a passport second.

Much of this confusion stems from the regulations in the Citizenship Act of 1995, which stated: Withdrawal of citizenship based on nationality with another country.

The Minister may by order remove a citizen of South Africa South African nationality if he or she also has the citizenship or nationality of another country, and at any time made use of the franchise or facilities passport of that country or made some other voluntary act, to the approval of the Minister, indicates that this citizen has made use of the citizenship or nationality of that other country.

The understandable suggestion here is that the use of a second passport from a South African citizen would allow the Minister of the Interior to remove the rights of citizenship.
It is in some circles still widespread belief, but in fact, this part of the Act, which deals with dual citizenship and the use of another nationality / passport, a South African, was then revoked by the government.

The repeal of section 9, the government abolished the right of the Minister of the Interior to withdraw the status of South African citizen for having used the citizenship of a foreign country. In doing so, the previous requirements that would allow the use of a foreign passport, such as exemptions or letters of permission are no longer needed.

In other words, the citizens of South Africa can now use their foreign (second) while passports abroad.
However, that South African citizens should be aware that the decision came into force with the Citizenship Act Amendment of 2004. That an offense for an adult South African citizen to enter the Republic or derogate using the passport of another country. In addition to this, the South African citizen can not, while South Africa, using their foreign citizenship to gain an advantage or avoid a responsibility or duty.

In laymans terms this means a South African citizen, who has dual nationality (second passport) can use this without restraint outside South Africa, but when entering or leaving South Africa they must use their South African passport.  http://www.southafrica-newyork.net/homeaffairs/dualcitinfo.htm

The Department received a number of inquiries from our ports of entry on whether or not the South Africans who arrive at the border with a foreign passport may be refused to enter or leave the Republic. The department is required to apply the Act to amend the citizenship. However, we recognize that many South Africans affected may not be aware of changes to the Citizenship Act and the implications for themselves.

We therefore decided that affected South Africans departing or arriving at our ports of entry, try using a foreign passport will be issued with a warning giving them three months to obtain a South African passport . They will be allowed to leave or enter South Africa.

Therefore, we wish to inform all South Africans who have dual citizenship and have no South African passports to ask their South African passports at the first opportunity. Distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Policy for Nationality Applications in the UK

As of the summer of 2012, those applying for British citizenship outside the UK should send their applications to the UK Border Agency in Liverpool, England for processing. It is no longer possible to submit applications to the British high commissions or consulates in countries around the world. The only exception to this rule is in Hong Kong, where applications will continue to be accepted as before.

All documents submitted in support of applications should be originals where possible. You should make every effort to make sure that they are sent in a secure way. If not provided the necessary documentation, your application will be delayed and may fail.

Citizens of different countries are not allowed to send their passports abroad by mail. These countries are

• Afghanistan
• Albania
• Armenia
• Azerbaijan
• Belarus
• Georgia
• Iran
• Kazakhstan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Libya
• North Korea
• Morocco
• Pakistan
• Russia
• Tajikistan
• Tunisia
• Turkmenistan
• Ukraine
• Uzbekistan
• Western Sahara

Citizens of these countries should get a copy and certified by a notary or lawyer. One time the decision is taken by the local British High Commission or British Consulate will contact you. If successful, you may need to attend a citizenship ceremony where their records will be returned.


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