Saturday, November 14, 2009

Choose your Health Insurance Wisely

Another point to take into concern is that you may not see a large difference in policy and price between two insurers although the services and levels of support they offer could differ immensely.
Health Insurance Quality health care isn’t a luxury and it is a necessity of people living abroad. If the State health care is not available, or may only provide the minimum level of care, and private medical treatment without any insurance, then it can be extremely costly.

Paying directly from your pocket for medical treatment may inconvenient for you. To help relieve this inconvenience your health insurance should have settlement arrangements with hospitals directly.

Speed of payment

Choose a company that has a good reputation for the efficiency of its claims settlement. Your insurance companies vary in the length of time they take to pay a claim.

If you are retired person.

Many health insurance providers don’t accept applications if you’re approaching retirement age and if you are over 65. Check with the company that it will be able to cover you.

Where you live

If you are out of country make it sure that policy of your company support s the medical bills and it covers if you are taken ill elsewhere in the world.

Customer Service Help lines

Check the opening hours of customer service help lines and whether they are open at the weekends. When you are living or working away from home, you need to know that any queries you have about your cover can be dealt with.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Make sure you are pleased about the capacity of your cover to avoid expensive misunderstandings. Before you buy your ,medical insurance policy you should be clear because no insurance policy is designed to cover all eventualities, so having thought about it, will better for you. You should ensure weather your company is able to pre-authorize your treatment before it commences so you can be assured of your cover and bills will be settled directly with the hospital. Look intensely the policy about the procedures which don’t entail an overnight stay,diagnostic tests and physiotherapy and level of cover for day-patient and out-patient treatment.

You should consider the tips mentioned here to avoid future complexities.

Parent accommodation, can you stay with your child while receiving hospital treatment?

Emergency dental cover for accidental injury.

Nursing at home for follow up treatment.

Hospital or private ambulance transportation costs.

Any cash benefit. You will receive a cash sum when you stay in a hospital bed.

Options for cover of pre-existing chronic diseases.

Your healthcare policy should take care of your medical costs.

Ensure that you have the option to be insured for any holiday and business travel outside of your area of cover.

Many health insurance companies provide help and information on a wide range of medical issues, treatments and conditions. They can also send free fact sheets, leaflets on going medical issues and home remedies.

Additionally, health care services should have other support services including:

International Help line numbers and international emergency treatment while you are abroad. Access to overseas evacuation and repatriation service.

A multilingual team of Personal Advisors who can help with policy enquires.

Interpretation service helpline, providing interpretation in over 100 languages.

Doctor, Dental, Optical helpline, offering details of local English-speaking practitioners.

Cover for parent accommodation expenses in the same hospital as any child under 18 covered on the plan.


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