Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Medical Test for Dubai Residence Visa

Non-UAE residents of Dubai are probable to feel a medical examination to obtain their residence visas. This may seem quite daunting, as medical centers are less disordered. It can take several hours to do your research, but employees are very professional, medical centers are clean and results arrive quickly.

Tests to do a blood test and chest x-ray. Blood test to check for infectious diseases such as HIV and chest x-ray is taken for testing for tuberculosis. If test results were positive, the candidate would be deported from the United Arab Emirates. If you suspect you are suffering from a contagious disease, it is advisable to first test in their home country.

You Require To Test :

1) Letter writing office-most government applications must be received by Arab office and write an application for medical research is no exception. Easily obtained, as there are many writing centers in the UAE.
2) Two passport photos
3) Get a health card or number
4) Test fee of AED 250
5) Your original passport

Process :

There is usually a ladies Government Hospital so that they will be separated from the men. This makes the wait a little shorter and easier. You will be given a number and go have a blood test and a nurse in the x-ray department. Having surpassed tail procedure is very fast.

Results are usually available the next day; you will need to collect them to complete submission of the visa. If it is strong-minded that there is an infectious disease will be deported from the United Arab Emirates. However, if the results test positive for tuberculosis will be treated before being deported.

Some categories of workers, such as maids and nannies, will also have to feel a pregnancy test before they can obtain a visa.

The test is less time consuming and can be sent back and forth several times before you get it quite right, because the procedures are constantly changing, consider this one of the biggest obstacles in obtaining a visa for permanent residence.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to Get a Work Visa for Germany

Germany is full of exclusive history and rich culture. There are quite a lot of options for travelers to experience many different things as they are there, but some wish to stay and work or get a new cultural experience, in a field, which they could not otherwise, or just for fun. There are quite a few programs for TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) teachers to teach in Germany and scientific programs that agree to scientists to work and develop their ideas in research laboratories scholarships.

Finding a job. Before you can get a work visa, the applicant must have a job offer. For U.S. citizens, a job that can be obtained, while still in the United States or in Germany as a legal visitor visa.

Fill out the application. The application will need to be completed twice. German Embassy will need the applicant to submit two original copies of the application. The application can be found on the German Embassy website as a PDF file.

Application of work permit is required to submit two passport photographs with the application. There are specific instructions on how to take the picture, and how big the facial image should be on the picture. There PDF sheet available for download, which outlines the required dimensions of the German Embassy website.

Get a valid passport. The passport must have at least six months before the time limit (which period may need to be longer, depending on the work being accepted).

Obtain a copy of your employment contract or letter of intent from the new employer. They should be approved automatically, but make sure you ask for it. Only one copy is required and it will have to be presented to the rest of the application.

Obtain documentation criminal record. This is also known as U.S. police certificate of good conduct. This can be obtained at almost every police station, sometimes for a small fee. Only one copy is needed.

Buy a cashier's check or money order. Application of work permits charges to process. This should be available to the German Embassy in the application or the application will not be processed.

Include in the application and all required documents. The application must be submitted in person. This will have to be done at the German Embassy (Washington) or any of the consulates. Consulates are located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Study Work In Switzerland

Switzerland has a mostly decentralized education system. Most decisions on education and visas take at region, which provide most of the funding. Switzerland has a federal structure for education. But, some organizational aspects of the education system are applied throughout the country. These include the period of the school year and more. Each region has its own head of education, all of which together form the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK). EDK plays an important role in the consultation and policy coordination in the field of education, and highlighted some key values.

Switzerland is proud of its high quality of education. As a country with few natural resources, its success depends to a large extent on its brainpower. Most people continue to learn after years of compulsory education, and many additional courses throughout their lives. At the same time, the education system has to deal with new challenges in the face of changes in society and the  world.

Switzerland is recognized for its Hospitality education. Hospitality Education in Switzerland combines training in the practice of a proud tradition in the study of modern management principles. The number of highly respected English language schools hotel makes world market for Swiss Hospitality education.

The fee of living :

Normal student spends Swiss Francs500 to 700 per month (depending on the region) of his / her living expenses, including off-campus accommodation, travel etc. The evaluation is based on shared accommodation off campus.

We have a choice of quality institutions in London. These selected institutions are accredited by various agencies of the United Kingdom and their degrees / diplomas recognized by immigration authorities in the UK.

Part Time Job & Internships :

Part-time is not allowed in general Switzerland. Hospitality / business programs in Switzerland generally have experience as an essential part of the curriculum. Student of at least six months course is acceptable to work (as part of the program) for three months. Likewise, a student who is one-year course is allowed to work for six months as part of the program. College usually arrange for service. This rule varies from region to region.

Work Permit :

Citizens of countries outside the EU can obtain a work permit if the employer proves that they could not fill the position with relevant Swiss or EU citizen. There are some exceptions to this rule for highly qualified / specialized and / or top management positions.

If an employer wants to appoint you, he must send a formal job offer. If you accept the offer, the employer then applies for a residence permit for foreigners in region police section. If a residence permit is approved, your employer sends previous authorization for residence permit "(Zusicherung der Aufenthaltsbewilligung - AUTHORISATION Séjour) in addition to your employment contract. Upon arrival in Switzerland We present in this paper a formal statement of the actual residence permit.

The process of application for a work permit can take several months and there is no guarantee that permission will be granted. The employer can say that we will be able to get a permit, but the Swiss authorities will make the final decision. The decision on whether or not a permit will be granted depends on a variety of criteria, such as changing the type of job, qualifications, nationality, etc. Within the limits prescribed legally separate regional authorities have a large degree of freedom so that the final decision may depend on the mood official when in view of your application.


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