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New Immigration policy USA,New Canadian Immigration Policy

The Immigration Policy Of United States:

usa immigration policy"
 According to the immigration policy of the United States, in order to migrate to the country you are required to hold a visa. However, a visa does not necessarily mean that you will be granted entry into the country. Only a US Immigration Official can grant you entry and determine your period of stay. The USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the bureau under the DHS or the Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for managing immigration matters and rendering related services. Besides this, the USCIS is also responsible for granting citizenship and processing applications and petitions for immigration and naturalization. The USCIS seeks to deliver efficient customer service by reducing immigration backlogs, and processing applications and petitions faster. This bureaucratic organization also performs the function of reviewing and evaluating applications of refugees seeking asylum. In addition to all these functions, it has to perform and execute the operations that were previously carried out by the INS, or the Unites States Immigration and Naturalization Services. For instance, administering matters of migration and granting permanent residence to immigrants. The immigration policy of United States differs greatly from those of Canada.

Changes Implemented In The Immigration Policy By Bush:
When the INS failed to work effectively in executing its assigned operations, Bush decided to shift its responsibilities to the newly created USCIS under the DHS. Hence, after Bush signed the Homeland Security Act in 2001, all the functions and duties of the INS were moved to the USCIS. The INS was formerly a part of the Department of Justice. The White House and the US immigration authorities have planned an increase of 66% in immigration fees, and double the amount of fees are going to be charged in order to grant US citizenship. Besides this, there is also going to be a significant hike in the fees of green cards, permits and other immigration benefits.

Under the new immigration policy, the Immigration Reform Act passed by Bush has been funded in order to detain illegal immigrants in the country. In addition, a bill has been proposed in an attempt to create an armed citizen’s militia along the border of the US and Mexico. The majority of the Mexican laws and immigration policies are a result of an agreement between the US and Mexico. For further information on the new changes incorporated into the US immigration policy by Bush, the websites featuring news articles can prove to be a useful resource.
The Current Canadian Immigration Policy:

canada immigration policy
The immigration laws and rules of Canada are very different from the American immigration policies. Compared to the US, Canada practices very flexible immigration policies. Thus, Canada is known to be rich in people from various ethnic backgrounds. Originally, the Canadian citizenship was started with the intention of designating British subjects that were residing in the country at that time. British subjects imply individuals from the UK or its associated colonies. According to the current Canadian immigration policy, the nation has withdrawn restrictions that it had earlier imposed on dual citizenship.

Canada is renowned for the highest rate of per capita immigration due to several factors like the country fosters family ties, provides shelter to refugees, and substantial growth being projected in the economy of the country. The population of immigrants is dispersed very unevenly, generally concentrated in urban areas like towns and cities. If you wish to migrate to Canada, you can do so by applying for any one of the three categories of visas - economic, family or refugee immigrants. You can acquire further information on the current immigration policy and other relevant details from the Internet or the Canadian embassy in your country.

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