Friday, October 22, 2010


International students value Australian qualifications

In a recent survey of 2000 students found that nearly 40 percent of the participants believe their Australian degrees with give them the competitive edge they would need against graduates from the US and the UK.

The survey also showed that nearly 40 percent of graduates planned to work in Australia, while only 13 percent indcated their interest of immigrating upon completion.

IDP chief executive Tony Pollock said "students who come here from their tertiary education make ideal migrants and we should be encouraging them to spend some time working here after they graduate."

Denis Murray the executive director of the International Education Association of Australia said "it is well past time for the state and federal governments to say how the strategy would be implemented and who would be responsible for it." Mr Murray also said, "Consultations with the sector took place almost a year ago and details are still not announced."

The cause for the delay is believed to be because the governments are struggling to fund the strategy.

Mr. Murray said "this is a sorely needed investment in social cohesion, particularly given the socially divisive trends that emerged during the recent election campaign."

Universities Australia wants a "visionary and strategic" prime ministerial statement on international education to coincide with next year's 25th anniversary of international education in Australia.

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