Saturday, January 29, 2011

Immigration Interview Questions

In an interview for visas are often uncomfortable and intimidating, but ultimately much of the whole process and is likely to decide whether your application is approved or rejected. The truth is that immigration authorities must know why they moved to Australia and a fair amount about yourself and your personal life. While the visa interview questions should you expect?

Why move to Australia? 

This is the most obvious questions visa interview and was probably the one who covered many times over the documents and application forms before the interview. You'll need to repeat the reasons why they want to move to Australia in the interview as a means to verify the situation and to ensure that what you said in the interview is what you said about the application forms. If you change the reasons to move to Australia will soon be a red flag for immigration officials and make them suspicious of you.

What is your profession? 

Ultimately, if you want to stay in Australia long term, then you should show what we can offer the country's economy and job market. If you have skills or experience that is rare in Australia there is every chance that you can bypass many steps in the process of immigration and to accelerate.

Family Ties 

All immigration interviewer to ask you questions about your family, their history and you will be asked if you have family in Australia. Secure the sponsorship of family members already living in Australia is a major benefit, although no family in Australia, does not mean that your application is unsuccessful.

What is your income? 

Key element of any immigration interview is to make sure that they are able to support you financially and will not become a burden to the Australian Government. Budgets of governments around the world have been strained in recent years, and the costs of immigration and immigrants have greater support. The fact that you are able to fully support yourself and your family will be a great advantage in your favor.

How long will you stay? 

Your plans for the future will be part of the immigration interview and must prove that you have plans for the future and exactly what they are. Besides the fact should have made his home in Australia and lifestyle in Australia, which says a lot about you if you do not look further than just landing in Australia?

Scenario questions 

You can also get a number of "what if" questions will put you in scenarios and situations and ask your advice and opinions. As with any question you answer in an interview with immigration, make sure you have thought about your answers in your head before you say it!


As with any interview should be relaxed as possible, answer questions about visa clear, honest and brief, and then finally you have done your part and the Immigration Service will decide whether your application is accepted  or no.

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