Friday, December 30, 2011

Plan Your Australia Vacation

Visitor when preparation emigration, Australia will most likely be one of the first places that come to your mind. And the country is absolutely a good choice because it has a lot to offer. But if you want to make your holiday even much better, must be planned very carefully.

Plan Your Australia Vacation

One of the first things you need to think about is what to do when you get there. Although many of you would often say "I'll just decide when I get there" more often than not, you will still ultimately decided the moment you arrive. To avoid such hassles, and get the best of your stay, you need to know how to spend it in advance.

Reading materials for Australia is one of the ways that you can get an idea of what to do during your vacation. There are actually many of these available online, so you can easily get all the information you need. Also, you can ask people you know who have already passed in the country for suggestions. And never forget to consult with all other people who are with you on the trip, if any, of their own ideas.


Once you have finalized the list of activities to make your holiday, it is now time to put them to fit your schedule. Remember to think in advance how long your vacation will be to decide which will include who will. To make sure that everything will fit, you can group your activities by location. Thus, you can minimize travel time and spend more to make the actual project activities.

Since you have all the activities arranged after that time for you to pack your stuff. Remember to only bring things that you need for concrete actions that will do. Also note that you should not be packed into so many pieces as they could make their luggage over the weight limit at the airport. Also, to save space, you can leave these products; you can easily rent or buy a place that will, like scuba diving gear.

And to save you any trouble, it really is wise to arrange you’re somewhere to live before you leave. Many hotels in Australia offer online reservations so you can actually request for accommodation right there and then. You can also save money by asking someone you know in Australia, to allow you to stay with him for the duration of your vacation.

Once you have everything ready, all you have to do is sit back and relax and head for your holiday.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sponsorship Letter for Student Visa

There is no typical pattern of making a student sponsorship letter for visa of USA, Canada, Australia, UK or any other country. Just keep in mind to make it exact and to the point. Include all related information about the student and sponsor in the letter.

The sponsorship letter for English speaking countries should if possible be in English, or if not, it must be accompanied by an English translation.

Sponsorship Letter for Visa

The Student Sponsorship Letter for Visa should confirm the following:

The sponsor’s full name and address

Why he is sponsoring your dependant; for instance a relative or friend

What course you are going to study

Sponsor’s income proof; Bank statement of previous 6 months, Income tax certificate, salary slip or any other document which proof the financial stability of sponsor

Proof that he or she is happy to provide financial support to the student
sample Sponsorship Letter for Visa
Sample Student Sponsorship Letter for Visa :

100 Example Street
Toronto, ON S9E 9C3
December 11, 2011

The Visa Officer
Canadian Embassy, [City, Country]
Re: Financial Support for Ms. Suzain Smith
Dear Sir / Madam:

This is to verify that I, Robert Johan, am the caring uncle of Ms. Suzain Smith and that I will economically support her during the entire period of her stay in Canada. This includes her traveling, accommodation, tuition and all other kinds of her expenses in Canada. She is intending to follow her studies in Fine Arts at the Humber College Toronto.

I am a permanent resident of Canada having annual income of 78,000/- CAD. I am contented to act as financial sponsor for my niece whilst she is in the Canada. Please see original documentation attached to this letter which shows my financial stability and savings. In case of any query please contact me on my cell (999) 999-9999.


Robert Johan


• Bank Statement
• Income Tax Returns
• Salary Slips

Monday, December 5, 2011

Immigration Laws Reform

What is the reform of immigration laws? Immigration Law Reform or reformation means sure changes in the immigration law. There are many issues associated to immigration reform act of America. Some of the major changes that were made in order for U.S. immigration reform include a guest worker issue. This issue was backed by former President George W. Bush.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem for the people of America. This gave birth to other popular activities such as crime and terrorism. Therefore, to make sure peace and safety of the lives of citizens and the country needs to reduce and get rid of illegal immigration in America. 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act declare it illegal to hire or rent for immigrants who entered the country illegally.

immigration laws

U.S. House of Representative and U.S. Senate adopted several acts to reform immigration law. Some of the popular immigration reform legislation include defense of borders, fight terrorism and illegal, immigration control Act of 2005, and complete immigration reform Act of 2006. Acts focuses on improving the immigration system. Laws are to ensure safety of citizens and the country from terrorism as illegal matters.

During the term of President Barack Obama, immigration reform is a high tone. Obama has decided to complete immigration, which focuses on the services of immigrants and natives. Immigration policy reform Obama needs to do something that will be for everyone.

Immigration Law Reform won media attention. Together with local residents, also found that politicians use immigration reform for political chance. Therefore, apart from the question of the welfare of local people and immigrants, immigration reform is a policy issue.

The reform of immigration law is also facing some issues such as conflict between natives and immigrants. In some areas of the country there were clashes between the two classes of natives and immigrants.

immigrationlaws reform

Immigration laws and illegal immigration has become a big problem in today's world. Together with other countries, the U.S. also faces a unexpected crisis and campaigns on immigration legislation and policies. Issues of immigration improvement in America have been in society for many years. Even as there are many intellectuals, famous persons and ordinary citizens of America in support of immigration, there are anti-support acts against immigration reform.

However, the welfare of the country and its citizens has always expected that the reform of immigration law needs to be done, given the ability and improve for everyone. Immigration reform should not be any point of such a national crisis or issue that pale image of America and its citizens of the world. So, for good and healthy atmosphere of immigration reform in the country should be considered critically.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Student visa process in Norway

Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is a public organization accountable for examining an application for a residence permit to study in Norway. Students in all educational institutions in Norway to study more than 3 months must have a residence permit. But this does not apply to students in the Nordic countries.

The visa and residence permit for students depends on their nationality. International students are non-Nordic countries and Non-EU/EEA

University of non-Nordic countries and Non-EU/EEA prior visa and residence permit full-time student of a qualified degree in Norway. In general, the period of necessary and advanced courses for more than 3 months, it is therefore essential to apply and obtain a residence permit in Norway before. Students must submit an application to the Embassy of Norway in person at home. Applications must be mailed or e-mail can not handle. In some cases, the applicant may be expected to be invited for interview. For some courses, with a length less than 3 months, then the student needs a residence permit. but, the student visa to Norway before.

Foreign students have received a residence permit for study if they are enrolled full-time education at qualified educational institutions in Norway. In addition, students must provide proof that they support the study and life during their stay in Norway. Students must also prove they have health insurance. An application fee for a visa to NOK 1100 (about 180 USD) applies

Student visa process in Norway 
Certification submitted an application for non-students and non-Nordic countries Non-EU/EEA

The first fully completed application form with photo attached.

A copy of a valid passport to show the identity of the student.

Third proof that the student is full-time study is an educational institution, part of Norway. This is also known as a form of permission, and should provide information about the program that the applicant is approved, the duration of the program.

Fourth plan, where progress in the study.

Detailed documentation of the property.

Confirm that the student has a complete health insurance valid in Norway.

Certificate confirming the bank that the student has enough funds to support their
Stay in Norway or the necessary documents, which means that students receive a scholarship, fellowship or other financial show of support.

International students are not Nordic EU / EEA

The visa is not available for foreign students from non-Nordic EU / EEA who mean to stay less than 3 months is required. But if the student will undertake a study of more than months, then they must apply for a residence permit within three months after his coming in Norway. but, they can also apply for a residence permit for the embassy or consulate in their home country Norway. Issuing authority Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

Overseas students have received a residence permit for study if they are enrolled full-time education at qualified educational institutions in Norway. In addition, students must provide proof that they support the study and life during their stay in Norway. Students must also prove they have health insurance. An application fee for a visa to NOK 1100 (about 180 USD) applies.

An application for records, not from the northern EU and EEA students

The first fully completed application form with photo attached.

A copy of a valid passport to show the identity of the student.

Third proof that the student is full-time study is an educational institution, part of Norway. This is also known as a form of permission, and should provide information about the program that the applicant is approved, the duration of the program.

Fourth, confirmed that the student has a comprehensive health insurance valid in Norway.
Certificate confirming the bank that the student has enough funds to support their stay in Norway or the necessary documents, which means that students receive a scholarship, fellowship or other financial show of support.

International students from Nordic Countries

Students from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark and Finland,Iceland,) are free to study and live in Norway, as long as they desire.

Monday, October 17, 2011

EEA family permit: Eligibility Requirements

According to the immigration rules changed (2002), eligible EEA nationals who are present and settled in the UK may sponsor non-EEA nationals to immigrate to the UK on a fiancee visa or proposed civil partner under the category of visa regulations. Alternatively, they can choose to marry outside the UK and apply for a permit EEA family. It should be noted that unlike the visa applications of law, the case of the EEA family permit is processed by the UK free of immigration.

EEA family permit: Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a visa success, spouses and domestic partners of EEA nationals must meet the following eligibility requirements:

The sponsor must be an EEA national or Swiss national who operates or wishes to exercise the rights of free movement under the Treaty of Rome in the UK.Sponsors, who have been in the UK or plan to stay in the UK for more than three months, must meet the "qualified person" requirements. An EEA national sponsor must be a qualified job seeker, employee, self-employed, a person who is financially stable, or student.

In most cases, the sponsor must be financially self-sufficient and have adequate housing organized by time, their wife, husband or partner arrives in the UK on an EEA Family Permit. In general, the sponsor must be able to afford to live in the UK with their families, including any charge, without requiring disbursement of public funds.

People must have personally met each other before sponsorship.If de facto (unmarried) partnership, the sponsor of qualification and their partners must have lived together for at least 2 years before referral.

If you apply for an EEA family wedding in the category, you must be legally married to each other and your marriage must be valid under the laws of the country where it occurred and under British law.You must be in a genuine relationship and intend to continue to live together permanently after a permit from the EEA family was granted.

You can choose not to use the system EEA family permit if your wife, husband or partner is a national non-visa, and will visit the UK as a temporary visitor, and will remain in the UK for less than 6 months, and will not seek to obtain gainful employment while in the UK. Your spouse or partner, however, must apply for an entry permit if he or she is from a country whose nationals need a visa to travel to the UK.

Nationality : 

The following nationalities are members of the European Economic Area (EEA).

1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Denmark
4. Finland
5. France
6. Germany
7. Greece
8. Republic of Ireland
9. Italy
10. Luxembourg
11. Netherlands
12. Portugal
13. Spain
14. Sweden
In addition, new members since 1 May 2004 are:
15. Cyprus
16. Czech Republic
17. Estonia
18. Hungary
19. Latvia
20. Lithuania
21. Malta
22. Poland
23. Slovakia
24. Slovenia

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Diversity Lottery Program

The diversity lottery or the Green Card Lottery is or else recognized as the "Green Card Lottery U.S. The lottery is an entry for people who are aspiring countries qualified to live, work and study in the land of dreams. Every year, the U.S. Department of State issued about 55,000 visas around the diversity lottery. The reason for the Green Card Lottery came into survival because of the important increase in the number of people around the world demand for H-1B visas.

Diversity Lottery

Each diversity lottery is named after the year to which it is intended. DV-2012 is the name for the lottery years. The Diversity Lottery is a superb proposal of the Government of the United States to promote diversity in the United States and people around the world to get the permanent resident status in the United States.

Permanent residents are free to health care, education, and can sponsor relatives for green cards as well. This involves the lottery diversity better. Look at what would make you qualified to participate in the lottery.

Step 1:

You must be born or to be from a country qualified to participate in the lottery of diversity. Each year, the state government publishes a list of countries that are eligible to participate in the lottery.

Step 2:

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent or you have to two years of work experience over the past five years.

Step 3:

If you do not have quality through your birth, do not loose heart. You can still qualify through your parents or your spouse if they are from a qualified country.

Diversity Lottery Program

Once you have established your eligibility for the next step is to register and submit your application with your photos online. The State Department usually specify a time period during which candidates must file their applications electronically. Registration is open every fall and lottery winners are notified by mail in the spring or summer. Photo requirements are specified by the State Department and applicants are required to complete the application and download the photo within a specified period (which is usually about 60 minutes).

As a candidate it would not be possible for you to save and exit the application, it is attractive that you have all the essential information and photos correct when completing the electronic form.

If you're one of those lucky sufficient to be selected then KCC notify you about the day and date of your interview based on your number. They will inform you by mail. This letter is also called as the next letter. You will get the winning notification by postal mail and not by email or fax or phone. If you receive a notification outside of these be sure to double check

Successful the lottery diversity will permit you to get the visa right away, but it will give you a possibility to apply for immigrant visa and you must show your eligibility to get the visa interview following the normal visa immigrant. A short explanation of how one can expect while participating in the Green Card Lottery.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Medical Exams for US Immigration Visa

The Government of the United States hosts a variety of individuals in the United States for a number of different purposes, with work, school, refuge, and just become a U.S. citizen. However, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, is serious about ensuring that immigration applicants meet sure requirements before they come to the United States or to change their nonimmigrant status. In addition to verifying personal information and relationships of character, USCIS also requires medical examinations.

medical exams for us immigration visa

USCIS must approve the doctors to perform the required examinations for immigrants and applicants for green cards. There are two groups of doctors that can give you these tests, the surgeons and doctors civilian panel. Civilian surgeons are already in the United States, and they help people trying to modify their immigration status or application for naturalization.

US Immigration Visa

Panel doctors, on the other hand, are located worldwide. Embassies and Consulates panel to appoint doctors to give medical examinations to those who wish to come to the U.S. Moreover, the examinations performed by doctors of the panel are controlled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC.

If you are not up till now in the U.S., you must first obtain an examination by a physician panel. A medical panel gives you a very careful medical, which includes:
  1. Medical history
  2. TB screening
  3. Physical and mental tests
  4. Test for venereal disease
  5. Looking for Hansen's disease
  6. Vaccination history
Civil Surgeon Exams occur when you change your immigration status. When you come to the United States, you have an application in a certain status. For example, if you are only coming as a student, you must obtain a student visa. However, when your visa expires or if you are finished with school, you must get your immigration status has changed to stay in the U.S. For example, if you want to get a job and working in the U.S. States, you must obtain a business visa. When you apply to change your status, you must obtain a civil surgeon to give you a medical examination. This includes:
  1. Physical examination
  2. TB test
  3. The blood test to notice sexually transmitted diseases
  4. Any vaccination you are missing

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tips Get USA Visa

You can obtain a visa, be sponsored by family for a green card or get a green card through your own eligibility to migrate to the United States..

Immigrants and non-immigrant visas:

U.S. visas could help you enter the U.S. market for immigrants and non-immigrant visas are two categories that might help in the visit of the person. Immigrant visas are issued to foreign nationals looking for permanent residence for U.S. applicants may request such an immigrant visa at a consular office of the Department of State. After the visa, they can come in the United States and become legal immigrants when they pass through the port of entry. Non immigrant visas permit a stay for a limited period of time with a purpose.

Get USA Visa

 There are about 20 types of nonimmigrant U.S. visas for people traveling to the United States temporarily. The number of immigrants are more U.S. visas for those coming to live permanently in the United States. The purpose of your trip to the United States determines the type of visa you need.

The entire process of U.S. visas deserves special attention. Even though having all documents and all requirements, individuals are often without the visa application. Much depends on the visa interview, if you managed to get the visa or not. All applicants over the age of 14 should make sure they sign their application form. If the applicant is under 14, or the parent can sign the application form. Also, enter your current address on the application form and not the permanent address.

USA Visa

Ask the photographs taken by the condition. Follow the information and complete the procedures involved in obtaining the visa. There should be no difference in any of the information provided by you and your visitor. Complete all applications neatly and completely. Also be aware that you have completed the form. It often happens (especially in the case of parents), when children / developer complete the application and the applicant him / herself is not aware of what information is provided. And always give accurate information and genuine.

Also check details such as name, date of birth, etc. game with the information on your passport.

In case you decide to leave your spouse and children behind in your country, be ready to detail how they will support in your absence. It can be a trouble spot if you are the main source of income for your family. If the consular officer has the impression that your family you need to send money from the United States to meet their needs, your application will be denied. If your family will join you in the United States at a later time, it is useful to apply the same office where you applied for your U.S. visa.

A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. Having a U.S. visa allows you to travel to the United States in Port-there input and permission to enter the United States is decided. The Department of Homeland Security, USCIS, U.S. Customs and Border protection (CBP) are responsible for the authority may allow or deny admission to the United States. Port of entrance, if granted entry to the United States, the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. immigration inspector will provide the I-94, arrival-departure record in your passport. By the immigration laws of the United States, you must leave the U.S. if your I-94 contains a specific date.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dual Citizenship And List of Dual Citizenship Countries

Some where between 55 and 60 countries that agree to dual citizenship and about the same that do not allow it. There are different views of dual citizenship, depending on where your main citizenship is located. Some countries have no problem with it and, in some cases encouraged. A lot of countries in recent years have eased requirements for citizenship as openly welcome the citizens of other countries with dual citizenship. Many of these changes of citizenship have been economically motivated.

Dual Citizenship

Formally the U.S. does not allow dual citizenship. This is clear in the next section of the oath of U.S. citizenship.

"I hereby announce, on promise, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and reliability to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen".

Some countries, like Canada, choose to ignore this renunciation and consider the new U.S. citizen is a citizen of Canada as well.

Why dual citizenship? For most people, it is irrelevant. For others it may be important because of different regulations on the right to work, vote, or have property rights in these countries seconds. Being a dual citizen may have beneficial effects or may create headaches double. Than being a dual citizen is right for you can not be answered by you and your situation. If you think you are a citizen of two countries is something that might work for you, check with a lawyer who specializes in this field. It is surely not a "do-it-yourself" plan.

List of Dual Citizenship Countries:

The United States of America
United Kingdom
South Africa

Other Countries

In addition to the countries mentioned above, the following countries also allow dual citizenship: Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Cyprus, Dominica, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Grenada, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Spain (only in certain cases), Sri Lanka, St. Kitts & Nevis, Switzerland, Syria, Vietnam and Western Samoa.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Study in Cyprus

Cyprus is located in the northeast corner of the Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Since the dawn of history, Cyprus was one of the most interesting areas of the region and has a rich history and culture visible. Cyprus offers the perfect setting for higher education; it is not amazing that it has become a major center of international education, attracting scholars and students from around the region, promoting international understanding and peace. This educational diversity makes it a forum for international understanding and peace.
study in cyprus

Application to in person to the Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy or High Commission).

Application Requirements:

1. Passport with at least 1 year validity

2. Photocopy of Passport

3. One completed application form.

4. 4 Passport sized photographs

5. Proof of sufficient funds to cover duration of stay.

6. Attested original academic certificates

7. Certificate of Good conduct from police department in Applicant's home country or country of residence issued not before 6 months

8. Financial documents to show; students can meet all the costs of living and fees while studying in Cyprus

9. Fee (payable by cash or postal order only, subject to rate of exchange). For students, a letter from the applicant's place of education is required.

Low costs: The costs are much lower compared to the U.S. and the UK

Visa: Entry visas are issued in advance to obtain a visa is not a problem in that study in respect of Cyprus.

Competitive European Standard of Education: The level of education facilities and infrastructure consistent with those of the United Kingdom

Safe and helpful Environment: the country is free from communal and political disturbances, and thus provides students with a safe environment for learning.

Attractive places to visit: Cyprus offers archaeological sites, resorts and exotic sea beaches that students can visit.

International Community: Students from around the world come to study in Cyprus

Colleges and Universities in Cyprus :

documents required study in Cyprus
  • Americanos College
  • Casa College
  • Centre for Advanced Studies
  • CTL Euro College
  • Global College
  • College of Tourism and Management
  • Inter College
  • Fredrick Institute of Technology
  • Cyprus College
  • Internap College

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Immigration Tips

1.  Know Your Plans :

When you have a dream for where you want to live and work for the medium-term, your immigration decisions become very much easier. You won’t apply for your spouse’s U.S. permanent residence if you want to move to his country.  You’ll apply for a fiancé visa if your boyfriend’s abroad and you want to get married in the U.S.  Etc.  So plan ahead with your partner.  It’s a good practice anyway.

2. Be Organized and Timely :

Know your deadlines, and respect them.  Have a file with all documents, and copies of documents, that are ready to be used when needed.  I wouldn’t have had to go to Tapachula if I had gotten my act together to file paperwork earlier.  Remember that maintaining your immigration status is your responsibility, not the government’s.

3. Keep It Legal :

Immigration will ultimately be 100 times smoother if you stay within the bounds of the law.  Don’t take risks; take decisions that show you respect and desire to uphold the law.  This greatly enhances your case for big petitions like permanent residence or citizenship down the road.

4. Maintain Documentation of Every Things :

Maintain originals and copies of flight tickets, bus tickets, photos from trips that show where you’ve been and when.  All those love letters you sent each other?  Hold on to them, and then submit as proof of your relationship.  Same goes for wedding invitations and programs, birthday cards, photos, visits, and the like.  And it goes without saying that you should always have translated certified copies a-plenty of your own personal records (birth and marriage etc).  If you’re doing immigration abroad, get your personal documents apostil led early it takes forever.


5. Give Immigration Reason to Believe You :

keep in mind that having property, cars, or a job show strong ties to ones home country and gives officials reason to believe that immigration is really based on a relationship instead of a wish to take benefit of U.S. jobs.  Remember that having combined accounts, credit cards, property, kids, and bills are good proof of a committed relationship.  And always plead your exact case.  Mention shared interests, or reasons why you need to be together (disease, grief, violence in foreign country, etc.).  Use these personal details, and be convincing.  The immigration officials adjudicating your case are human, and will be more likely to give approvals if they’re reading something interesting, moving, or influential.

These are just some little rule to help overall processes.  Remember it’s always a good idea to consult a professional. And “a professional” does not mean your friends.  From your friends, you may hear stories about “this is what we did” or “this is what you should do,” but keep in mind that the case of every couple is different, and that you probably don’t know all the details, and things will most likely go differently for you. But on the actual letter of the law or on someone who knows how to interpret it well.  Happy immigrating.

Friday, September 2, 2011

R1 Visa ,Criteria to Qualify for an R1 Visa,Features of the R1 Visa Category

Foreign nationals can come to the United States in the type immigrant visa immigrant or not. Immigrants arrive with the purpose to live permanently in the United States as immigrants not only intend to stay temporarily for a exact purpose, such as for tourism or medical treatment.

There are some types of non-immigrant visas. Each visa is granted for a different purpose and each is called by a letter-number mixture, as well as a name. When a person gets a non-immigrant visa, he / she should perform only specific authorized activities while in the United States. The person is given a special visa allowing this activity to a specific, limited in time.

R1 Visa

R1 Visa :

The R1 visa is for workers with a religious career who wish to come to the United States to work in the short term in a non-profit organization religious

Religious workers are ministers of religion who are certified by a recognized denomination to conduct religious worship and perform other tasks normally performed by the clergy (such as administering the sacraments). It does not apply to lay preachers.

Religious vocation means a calling to religious life, as evidenced by the manifestation of a long-term commitment, such as taking vows. Examples of religious vocations nuns, monks and religious.

Religious workers who wish to stay in the U.S. permanently may file Form I-360. This form is used to appeal for particular immigrant status. It allows religious organizations to apply for permanent resident status (green card status) for a religious worker.

Foreign nationals (or ministers who work in religious occupations) can come to the United States for temporary employment by a non profit religious visa through R1. The religious worker must have a proper job offer to a religious tax-exempt organization. The job must be at least part time (with an average of at least twenty hours per week).

Eligibility for the visa R1 :

Foreign national religious workers should have been a member of a religious denomination for at least two years immediately preceding the filing of the petition.
The denomination should be a bona fide nonprofit religious organization in the United States.

The person is in the U.S. to work solely:

As minister of that denomination, or

In a professional position in a religious vocation or occupation for that organization;

In a religious profession to the organization or non-profit affiliate.

The owner of an R1 visa can stay in the United States for up to 30 months and can then extend the status of his / her for an additional thirty months for up to five years in the same status R1.

Criteria to Qualify for an R1 Visa :

The owner of an R1 visa can travel freely in and out of the United States.

There is no numerical limit to R-1 visas.

The owner of an R1 visa may receive payment for services he / she makes.

State R1 is valid until 30 months and can also be renewed for an additional thirty months for a total of five years.

Spouses or unmarried children under 21 can obtain a visa R 2. Although R 2 visa holders can not work in the United States, they can study in U.S. elementary and secondary schools.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

The E2 Visa Process

E2 visa process may seem overwhelming at first, but by following the steps outlined for you, everything will be clear from the start. Please follow all instructions sent to you carefully to make sure everything will go well and that material information is omitted. By taking this process seriously, you show your commitment to school and teach ESL Korea. We appreciate your diligence and are there every step to help with any questions you may have.

The E2 Visa Process

Step 1

The E2 process is started as soon as you sign a contract with your chosen school. Once you have an interview with the school and have reviewed the contract, the school will ask you to sign it and send it with your documents. Here is a list of documents, you will be required to send immediately after your acceptance:

  1. The contract
  2. Original of your diploma (if sending a copy, it must be notarized and apostilled / verified)
  3. A series of university transcripts sealed (unopened) (Please make sure you have at least three sets of transcripts)
  4. Copy of the Info page in your passport
  5. 4 passport size color photos (original photos will be accepted)
  6. A signed copy of your resume with a correct address and contact information
  7. Criminal record check:
Canadian Teachers:

  1. Must be issued within the last 6 months and include a search of national databases (CRM, etc.)
  2. SEARCH vulnerable sector should include
  3. Must be notarized on the copy of the criminal records check by a notary public
  4. Must be confirmed by a Korean consulate
  5. Note: To be confirmed by a Korean Consulate, you can visit the consulate with the notarized criminal record check, a passport and a fee of $ 4.40 CAD. If you do not live in the area, please send it by mail (Express Post or Priority Courier) including the notarized criminal record, plus $ 4.40 CAD (mandate), a copy of the passport and a return envelope (Express Post or Priority Courier).

All Other Teachers:

Must be issued within 6 months by your local State Police / State CourthouseMust be notarized on the original criminal record check of Apostill

Medical Declaration Form

  1. Complete 'Health Declaration' form and send it to Korea. (PDF | DOC)
  2. Once you arrive in Korea, visiting a general hospital or community health center to obtain a medical certificate to apply for alien registration at a local immigration office within 90 days of arrival.
  3. Important: All applicants, except those who have worked previously with an E1 visa, E2, E3 in Korea without any illegal activity must be interviewed by a consul at the consulate.
  4. (You will need to call your nearest consulate as soon as you receive your E2 #)
  5. Teachers who have taught in Korea with a visa E1, E2, E3, or will not need maintenance and can receive their visa E2 again by a Korean consulate in another country. (That is, Japan)
  6. Your plan document must be sent to your school using Fed Ex or DHL. Once that is sent, you will provide Teach ESL Korea with the tracking number.

Step 2

The time it takes to process your E2 visa application by the Korean Immigration Bureau may vary depending on the volume of applications they receive per hour. It will generally be completed within two weeks. Once the school receives your E2 visa number, it will be sent by Teach ESL Korea with instructions for the next step.

The first thing you must do once you get your E2 is # to call the Korean Consulate and set a date and time for your interview. At the time of the interview, you can arrange to pick up your passport. Some consulates may be able to conduct the interview over the phone in special circumstances, such as distance. However, it is not a given, so please be prepared to make the trip.

You will be asked to provide the following documents to the nearest Consulate of Korea.

  1. Passport with remaining validity of at least 6 months, plus a copy.
  2. A completed visa application form with E2 # Download PDF |. Doc
  3. A photo ID (2 "x2" color)
  4. Fee (($ 55 CAD, USD $ 45, NZ $ 50 USD, a $ 75, UK 27)
  5. (By mail: money order only, payable to: The Consulate General of Korea)
  6. 1 set of university transcripts sealed
  7. If applying by mail please provide a stamped envelope back (Express Post or Priority Courier) with full address. (FedEx, DHL, Purolator will not be accepted.) Money orders are accepted only for requests by mail (no personal checks) and cash / money order, if you come in person.

Again, it is very important that all instructions are followed exactly. If something is not done properly, it can delay the visa process.

Step 3

Getting your passport with the E2 visa stamp should not take much time, especially when you show up in person. With your passport, you are now ready to board a plane and make your way to Korea. If you've followed all the steps carefully, you are now ready to teach English in Korea.

Friday, August 12, 2011

O1 Visa Information, O1 Visa Requirements

The O1 visa is a short-term work visa for foreign nationals who have some unusual abilities in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. The visa is also obtainable for individuals engaged in occupations related to TV, movies or creative fields such as makeup artists, designers, photographers and carpenters. However, the visa authorities must be convinced that these people have extraordinary achievements in their own fields.

o1 visa information and requirements

The O1 visa paves the way for recognized artists to showcase their talents abroad in the U.S. markets. Visas are valid for three years and can be complete in increments of one year for their projects

To qualify for this visa, the applicant must be seized by a U.S. corporation or a U.S. agent. A O1 visa applicant can not self-petition.

Requirements for an O1 visa :

Interested candidates must demonstrate extraordinary skills in the arts, sciences, business, education, film, television industry and athletics. In addition, they must have achieved an international reputation in their chosen field. The interested candidate must also prove that he / she came to the United States for a temporary period and his / her purpose of visit is related to events that intend to participate in.

O1 Visa appeal and proof Condition :

The applicant must provide proof that he / she is a winner of the internationally recognized or have at least three of the following criteria:
  1. Published information on the work undertaken by them.
  2. The individual is associated with any organization that requires members to have outstanding achievements.
  3. Scientific, academic or business-related contributions, which has a significant impact on the various fields of study
  4. Having written articles in any major media or professional journals

A O1 visa applicant intends to apply for reasons to be in film or television, must show they are an award winning internationally known as Oscar or Grammy, or by showing any of the three :
  1. Lead or with the role, or established in the organization's reputation.
  2. Any record of commercial success or critical acclaim major;
  3. High salary compared to others in the field

Comparable data may also be submitted if the above standards do not apply to the applicant to establish eligibility for O1 visa. An applicant must also provide a contract between him and the employer and if possible a route planned projects or events.

Things to note any deposit of an O1 visa Application :

Persons accompanying the O1 visa holders can obtain a visa for O2. To qualify for the visa O2 these assistants must show they have a longstanding relationship with the principal applicant. Spouses and children are eligible to file for the visa O3.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Australia Travel at the same time as Working

Interested in working at the same time as traveling around Australia?

Diverse environment Australia and impressive scenic, mountainous island of scenic Uluru monolith and over the rugged terrain of the "World's End" Australian Outback and breathtaking golden beaches and finally down to the aquatic fauna breathtaking major coral reef in the world, The Great Barrier Reef, have made the country an extraordinary tourist destination.

Travel Whilst Working

In the same way, the Australian resources industry booming, with its need for foreign workers to supplement its local workforce has made the country an ideal place to find work.

These two reasons have made Australia a great place for people who want to work and travel at the same time around Australia.

A visa for work and vacation

Working Holiday in Australia and work and holiday programs allow people to work in Australia and at the same time, travel around Australia.

These programs are designed to allow young people to have an extended stay, while completing their holiday fund with a short-term employment or casual. Similarly, it is also specially designed to help employers in regional Australia to meet the needs of short-term employment.

The work and holiday - What To Do First

Under the program of work and holidays and holiday work, young travelers who also want to work in Australia may apply for holiday visa in Australia, mostly a Working Holiday Visa.

The Australian Working Holiday Visa allows young travelers aged 18 to 30 years, traveling around Australia for up to 12 months while implementation their vacation fund with a short-term work or casual in Australia for a maximum of six months with each employer.

The work and holiday - Find a job

Generally, young travelers to work part-time jobs (in the shops, cafes, offices and call centers) during the day and night, enjoy the nightlife and activities offered in multinational cities of Australia, without seeing the rest of Australia and breath of charming scenic spots. 
find a job

As Australia worker skills shortage, driven by booming resources and communications industry, the government has pushed the country to find an alternative source for the needs of the labor market; Australia has become a haven of work for job seekers.

It is now easy to find work in Australia.

Today, there are many opportunities that exist outside of cities. Young travelers can now find a lot of short-term work across local Australia while traveling and enjoying the scenic spots around Australia.

With employment opportunities in the short term available throughout regional Australia for backpackers and others to find work while traveling is now very easy to juggle.

All you have to do is to acquire an Australia Holiday Visa Working Holiday Visa and have a motivation and determination to apply for any job opportunities, which you think you qualify, found throughout regional Australia.

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to submit your case for immigration?

How to submit your case for immigration

The submission of an application of clear, complete, immigration, and it must be the key for fast and celebrating his win your case. Good organization of your case through the immigration procedure is to ensure that your application is not way. Keep secrete the fact that nothing in the immigration office. Place your documents in a clear and organized experience, as long as as much information about their qualifications and experience. Your must contain certificates of experience and their certificate of appointment, payroll and the letter of resignation (resignation). Try to provide as much information about the immigration officer. This increases your chances of winning and will result in a shorter stage to process your case.

Friday, July 29, 2011

New UK Student Visa Extension Rules 2011

Starting April 21, 2011, there have been many changes at 4 basis points of the UK system. These changes do not apply only to countries outside applications, but also people a renewal application for student visa. We developed this brief overview of new requirements for extension of student visa after a lot of questions and research with you.
new rules for student visa extension 2011

The new policy to extend student visas for students from sponsors Very Reliable :
Courses at Level 3 or higher NQF
English courses at CEFR B2
Courses with courses that are part of the course evaluated
    The new rules to extend student visas for students of A or B rated sponsors :

    • Courses at NQF 4 or higher
    • English courses at CEFR B2
    • No courses with courses that are part of the course assessed under the NQF level 6
      New rules for student visa extension: knowledge of English :
      • How your sponsor measures your ability in English will now depend on:
      • When your pile has been attributed
      • What type of course you are studying
      • What type of education provider of your sponsor is
      • At any time of your request, either at home or outside the country, you may be invited for an interview to test your abilities in English. If your English is clearly not up to par, your application may be refused and / or you may be refused entry to the United Kingdom at the airport.
        Student Visa Renewal: If your CAS was issued before April 21, 2011 :

        The old rules for your case to be valid. That is, if you study a course below the NQF 6, or an English language program, your TAS will be valid as long as your sponsor assessed your level of English to B1 of the CEFR.

        Students who have not taken English test, but given their level of English assessed by their sponsor will still be able to make an application with an assigned case before April 21, 2011.

        Student Visa Renewal: If you’re CAS was issued on or after April 21, 2011

        Have English CEFR B2 level if the study of a course of NQF level 6 and above
        Have English CEFR B1 level when studying a course at or below NQF 5

        Student visa extensions with a recognized institution of higher Education :

        If the study of a course of higher NQF levels 6 or a recognized institution of higher education:

        Your sponsor can choose how to assess your abilities in English, including the administration of their own tests. Students will be evaluated in the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

        With the approval of the Registrar's academic provider education, "gifted" may have the required level in English given up completely.

        Student visa extensions with a non-recognized institution of higher Education :

        Students studying courses in CNC 6 or higher must demonstrate English proficiency in four skills in English at CEFR B2 by presenting a certificate of safety Test of English language.

        Students studying courses at or below 5 NQF must demonstrate English proficiency in four skills in English at CEFR B1 by presenting a certificate of safety testing of English language.

        Thursday, July 14, 2011

        Medical Test condition for Canada Immigration

        Requirement for medical test for Canada Immigration :

        Medical Test condition for Canada Immigration

        To obtain the Visa Canada, you must pass a medical examination to enter Canada as permanent residents. Guidance on how to take the medical examination will usually be sent after you submit your application at the office of Visa Canada.

        ICC do not allow your family doctor for your medical examination for Canadian immigration. You should consult a physician on Canada's list of designated doctors

        Your last medical reports and x-rays for the medical examination become the possessions of the medical and Immigration Canada will not be returned.

        Medical Test for Canada Immigration

        Some important points to note for medical tests Immigration Canada:

        1. The doctor will not inform on the results of medical examination for you. Although the doctor can let you know if you have a health problem.

        2. The designated medical practitioner does not give the final conclusion. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will give you the final decision on whether or not your medical examination is accepted for immigration purposes.

        3. The visa office in Canada will tell you in writing if there is a problem with your medical examination.

        Sunday, July 10, 2011

        South Korea Work Visa

        South Korea Working Visa 

        South Korea Work Visa

        If you need a work visa in South Korea, whether you are a business or individual, having the best treatment for your case with a dedicated team of experts with a click of a button to make your visa application as smooth and fast as possible. Take our free trial today and see for yourself how we can help.

        South Korea is a diverse country and offers many types of work visas, some of which can be found below. Apply for a visa to work in Korea is a difficult process. Cut the terminology of immigration by taking our free assessment now simple to see where you need a visa.

        Visa short-term Employment

        If you plan to work in Korea for 90 days or less, you can apply for a visa for short-term employment. These types of visas are usually attributed to artists and athletes performing in the country for a limited period only or business and research professionals who wish to work temporarily in Korea.

        Professional Work Visa

        If you want to work in South Korea on a more permanent basis, you can apply for a visa for professional use. This type of work visa for South Korea is usually given to doctors, medical interns, business people invited to work in the country, and pilots of aircraft registered by the Ministry of Construction and Transport.

        Foreign language trainer visa (visa or E2, Korea)

        The "language monitor" category in South Korea work visa is granted to language teachers have agreed to work in schools at the elementary level and above. The main condition is that applicants must have a bachelor's degree or higher and a teaching degree on the subject from his home country. Take the discretion to begin implementing today.

        Working Holiday Visa

        Normally, if you are aged between 18 and 25 (more for certain nationalities), and from a country that has signed the tourism employment, you may request a working holiday visa in Korea. Find out if your home is signed by making the overall evaluation free visas.

        Wednesday, July 6, 2011

        Singapore Employment Visa Application Process

        A diagram of Singapore work visa for foreign experts who have a job with an employer in Singapore and foreigners who are business people was appointed collar jobs. Companies can then apply that employees of their company duly incorporated. In addition, job seekers have a pass for very good education background, professional experience and a credible minimum monthly salary of $ 2500.
        Singapore Employment Visa

        There are three types of employment Pass that includes identified by the Immigration Department of Singapore which may correspond to different qualifications of an applicant to the next level.

        Singapore Employment Pass Categories are:

        Pass P1: For a base salary above S $ 7000 per month.
        Pass P2: For basic pay between S $ 3.500 and S $ 7,000 a month.
        Pass Q1: For a base salary between $ 2.500 $ 3.500 S and S per month.

        Documents required for processing of Singapore Employment Pass Application:

        singapore employment visa application

        • A completed employment Pass application form.
        • The completed application form must be approved by the sponsoring company in Singapore
        • Stamp Company of Singapore or seal must be affixed on the form the application form.
        • The form must be signed by the applicant and the authorized signatory of the company sponsoring Singapore.
        • A copy of applicant's educational certificates and testimonials of past employment.
        • Passport size photograph of the applicant within 3 months.
        • A copy of the personal details page of the applicant's travel document / passport.
        • A copy of the Business Profile / Instant Information / Registration papers in the sponsoring company in Singapore.
        • A copy of your CV.
        • Detailed description of functions performed by the applicant.
        • Detailed description of activities and / or products the company employs in Singapore.
        If documents listed have been completed, you can check the submission within the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), a government agency that processed the application process of employment.

        You can either have the online submission and manual submission. When documents are being submitted, the waiting time for a result of application can be usually within four weeks for applications online and 6 weeks for manual applications.

        Insurance for the approval of the application is not specified, but the applicant's chances are high if they are highly educated and they have a graduate degree from a reputable university, if they win a relatively high wage (the minimum requirement is S $ 2.500 per month), and if the applicant holds a relevant professional experience. The result would apply is usually between 4-6 weeks.

        Saturday, June 25, 2011

        K1 Visa Application K1 Fiance Visa Process

        Is your fiance (e) an foreign? Do you mean to get married and live in the United States? If so, then you need a K1 visa. K1 visa application can be very difficult because there are many documents involved. Very often, applications are delayed or denied due to insufficient information. If applying for a K1 visa, follow these steps:

        K1 Visa Application K1 Fiance Visa Process

        I-129F Appeal :

        The first step begins with the I-129F appeal. Form itself is self explanatory and will ask for basic information such as name, date of birth, address etc. All these data must be known to you and you will not have problems with the questions. The most important thing is supporting documents accompanying the I-129F appeal.

        Some importers to submit their application, without realizing that they must also submit related documents to support it. This error often leads to their implementation is delayed or even denied. The following items should be submitted along with I-129F appeal.

        1)  Signed statements from you and your fiance (e) a statement of intention to marry.

        2)  Document proving that they have met over the past two years (photos, etc.)

        3)  Passport pictures of you. Passport size photo of your fiance (e). 

        4)  G-325A form for you. Form G-325A for your fiancé (e). G-325A provides biographical information on individuals. 

        5)  Document prove that you are a U.S. citizen (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
          All these documents must be sealed with the I-129F petition and sent to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

          Waiting Game :

          Once you have submitted a package waiting to start the game. Pending approval by the USCIS takes a great deal of time when applying for a K1 visa. The whole review process may take up to 4-5 months.

          Once everything is in good condition, the USCIS will send you a notice informing you of approval. Your petition will be submitted to the U.S. Embassy in your fiance (e) side.

          Visa Review :

          American Embassy will send your fiance (e) the package containing all the forms to be filled. Your fiance (e) will also need to schedule a medical examination. Once all forms are submitted, your fiancé (e) will have to attend the visa interview, which will decide whether to assign him / her K1 visa. If everything proceeds easily, the application will be approved and K1 visa will be issued to your fiance (e).

          With the K1 visa, your fiancé (e) can use it to enter the United States within 6 months. After gaining access, you and your fiance (e) will have 90 days to marry. Failure to do so will result in him / her to be deported.

          As you can see, K1 visa application need not be difficult. If you are unable to provide all essential information, your application will be perfect and will be approved without any delay or denial. Use this list K1 visa now to determine whether it will be successful in your K1 visa application.

          Friday, June 17, 2011

          Tips for the Denmark Green Card Program

          Denmark Green Card is a points system for immigration specialists and managers, offering a three-year residence permit to the applicant and their accompanying family members. Selection factors that form part of the point system includes educational and professional qualifications of the applicant, language, number of years of experience in claims, occupation, age of the principal applicant and different other factors such as experience and won the European educational qualifications. Denmark Government announced positive list of professions which forms the basis of green card applicants Denmark

          Denmark Green Card information

          In analysis of the future authors candidate Denmark Green Card need to be careful and take precautions against the following critical aspects. 

          Immigrants should do a careful review of the points based system and careful calculation of the points in the various factors that are part of the selection criteria set for Denmark a green card. It should apply only if meet the minimum pass mark. 
          Immigrants candidate must have clarity as to whether the applicant's occupation figures in the positive list of professions. This positive list is based on an assessment of government jobs that have job opportunities and scope in Denmark and the winner likely to be successful immigrants in Denmark.

          Immigrants candidate must have a clear understanding of whether or not their education and qualifications meet equal standards of similar qualifications in Denmark. They must ensure to department or expert feedback for this purpose. 
          Usually statement of qualifications  in the positive list  against the educational and professional qualifications of immigrant applicant does not qualify, the applicant should be able to provide reference letters supporting employment. They must clearly identify their duties and responsibilities while they were employed. 
          Immigrants applicant must provide the accurate amount of the fee and ensure that it has submitted the necessary application forms. Forms must have the necessary and correct information that all essential information.
          Immigrants applicant must ensure that it provides relevant supporting documents as regards solid English language proficiency. This can be provided in the form of certain reports in English, test or write the English language skill. In the absence of test, write up should best be written under the expert guidance. 
          In the immigrant applicant must ensure that all documents in languages other than English must be translated into English. 
          In Denmark, the green card application procedures may require the applicant to provide immigrants a set of certification VIS certain specific documents, the Indian authorities. The applicant must ensure that it has a clear understanding of authorities and procedures that will provide these certificates and will be able to coordinate their actions with these authorities to get such certificates. 
          Among the most important requirements is the ability of immigrant’s applicant to meet its settlement costs in Denmark, after approval of visas for the first year. He should be able to provide evidence of its funds and savings as part of the application for a green card Denmark. The applicant should seek expert advice on different forms of savings and financial instruments that may be part of the funds statement. 
          Finally, immigrant candidate Denmark Green Card should remember that the application must be submitted to the nearest Danish embassy in the country of its origin.

          Thursday, June 9, 2011

          How to Find Overseas Jobs

          how to find overseas jobs

          Working abroad can be the adventure of a lifetime, providing a way to experience new countries and cultures on the head, even as traveling and interacting with the locals. Some international positions also pay well, but others may be a little more than enough to get by. However, they often have other, more personal rewards. Using the Internet, personal contacts and common sense, it is possible to find a job in a faraway place.

          System :

          Network with friends and colleagues abroad. Assess business and personal contacts, noting that knowledge worked or work now, abroad and organize a meeting for coffee, if possible, to talk about their experiences. Ask about their qualifications, their position and all possible openings with their group. Talk to a CEO or hiring manager on foreign branches and offices of the company operates and whether a transfer or reassignment is possible.

          Visit a Career Fair 

          Browse a job fair with an updated resume to contact recruiters for jobs abroad. Many companies find employees abroad at job fairs or other recruiting events, visit so those that may be of interest. For example, Raytheon Company, which hires people to work in facilities in Antarctica, holds job fairs at which they recruit employees, as well as the Edelweiss Lodge & Resort, a hotel in the army Germany. Liaise with other companies to learn about their activities and recruitment.

          Study or Intern Abroad :

          Early studies or contribute in an international internship to gain professional experience abroad. Many universities and institutes of higher learning provides all language programs summer master's degrees and certificates, qualified English to international students. Join this program to gain experience and vocational education abroad while establishing contacts for future employment. Some countries, like Canada, will allow foreign students to stay for a specified period after completing their program, if this country is looking for individual options offer students.

          Travel abroad :

          Take a trip abroad to seek jobs and track opportunities. If you are interested in living in a country or region, like South Asia, there is travel to explore employment opportunities are available, planning meetings and interviews. Also talk with local expatriates, ask about their experiences and how they were hired. Before the trip, update your resume and cover letter and consider it translated into local language upon arrival and to let potential employers know how long you are in the country.

          Monday, June 6, 2011

          Changes IELTS score for Canadian Immigration

          Canada is eager to welcome immigrants from around the world. Government of Canada is also in trouble for future candidates that they face due to a high band IELTS requirement for other points of Canadian immigration.

          Because of these difficulties the majority of the population worldwide, the Canadian government has very kindly reduced the score on the IELTS requirement for Canadian Immigration Points. CIC has now cut criteria IELTS band requirement for Canada points for skilled workers.

          Best wishes to all

          Canada has reduced the minimum requirement IELTS score of 4 points Immigration

          As CIC has reduced the minimum IELTS score of 7 to 6.5 band get four points to immigrate to Canada in the skilled worker category. Now you can get 4 points for a module if you score 6.5 IELTS band compared to the old system which required the lease to 7 bands in IELTS to get four points in a specific module of IELTS. Only the listener got the score IELST instead of reduction. namely 7.5, which previously was 7.

          Now you can get 16 points for immigration with the following minimum IELTS band

          Editorial: 6.5 Band
          Reading: 6.5 Band
          Speaking: 6.5 Band
          Listens: 7.5 Band

          ielts score for Canadian immigration

          Enjoy your Canadian Immigration.

          One thing to keep in mind that  the correct ancronym of International Language Testing System is IELTS but sometimes people mispell it ielets, ilts, iltes, ilets, elts, eilts, iltis or ielst. So please remember the correct  acncronym i.e. IELTS

          Thursday, May 26, 2011

          UK Ancestry Visa

          Ancestral visa for UK - (General) Overview :

          In the UK ancestry visas available to citizens of nations for purposes of immigration in Britain. Applicants for home UK visa must prove they were born in the UK breeding (living or deceased) that they are related by birth or through formal adoption. This visa will only be issued outside the UK and will be granted for a period of 5 years. At the end of the 5-year visa, the applicant may apply for permanent residence in the UK. UK Ancestry Visa allows the holder of the visa and their dependents to work without restrictions in the profession of their choice, including self-employed and contract their services through Company Ltd. In addition to the UK born grandparent must also be able to prove that they are 17 or more years, intends to seek employment on their arrival in the UK and that you are able to support themselves and any dependents without recourse to public funds.
          uk ancestry visa

          Should the requirements of origin for UK visa?
          Can I work with ancestral visa for UK?
          How long is a UK ancestral visa valid for?
          What happens when my visa expires British ancestors?
          Where can I apply for a visa for UK ancestors?
          Is UK ancestors points based visa?
          Can I start my own business, they have UK ancestral visa?
          What ancestral links to show the visa application for UK ancestors?
          At what age should visa applicants for UK ancestors?
          Should I hold a certain nationality?

          UK Ancestry Visa - Do I qualify?

          Applicants for a UK home will have to show that :

          They are a citizen of the Commonwealth
          1. Aged 17 or over
          2. Yes or grand parent who was born in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man
          3. You have a grand parent who was born in what is now the Republic of Ireland before 31 March 1922 (see note below)
          4. Is able to work and intend to do so in the UK and
          5. Can support yourself and any dependents without needing help from public funds.
          UK Ancestry Visa - Can I work?

          Successful applicants for a visa for UK ancestors were able to operate without the need to obtain a work visa for the United Kingdom.

          This is to provide genealogy visa for the UK, intending to work or seeking employment,
          as part of the application process.

          UK Ancestry - How long is the visa valid for?

          Arriving in the United Kingdom's ancestral visa for the UK can stay for 5 years.

          UK Ancestry Visa - What happens after 5 years, I can get permanent residence?

          Holders of ancestral visa to the UK for 5 years can then apply for permanent residence should be noted that:

          • You will still need to qualify for ancestral visa for UK
          • You have been employed for five years in the UK without long periods of absence
          UK Ancestry Visa - Where do I apply?

          Applications for UK ancestral visa can only be made in the country where you normally reside. You can not travel to the UK and make your request there.
          UK Ancestry Visa - Is there a score based on skills assessment?

          As the United Kingdom ancestral visas based on family ties is not points tested, as other visa as highly skilled migrants program or Tier 1 and Tier 2 UK visa.

          UK Ancestry Visa - Can I create my own business?

          Successful candidate’s ancestral visa can create their own business. Unlike the business visa is not required to carry a certain amount of investment or creating a certain amount of work.

          UK Ancestry Visa - What family connections must prove?
          Successful implementation of ancestral visa for the United Kingdom must show either:

          Yes or grandparent who was born in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man
          You have a grandparent who was born in what is now the Republic of Ireland before 31 March 1922

          UK Ancestry Visa - At what age should be to apply?

          You must have a minimum age of 17.

          UK Ancestry Visa - Do I need to hold a certain nationality?

          Application shall be examined only by citizens of the Common wealth.

          U.S. Citizenship Interview - Review Form N-400

          Once you have made initial oath pledging that it would be fair, the interviewer will review your Form N-400 application with you, review the documents you submitted as part of her candidacy and ask you several questions about the information on that you're on your application. The purpose of reviewing your form N-400 is to check your ability to speak and understand English, and to determine whether you told the truth on your application. For example, USCIS officer may ask you questions like "when and where you were born" or "Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?" Maybe you'll be asked to provide additional information to help answer that you specify in the form N-400 application.
          usa citizenship form N-400
          It is important to understand that each candidate will be asked different questions, depending on its circumstances. However, USCIS states that topics can be covered include travel outside the U.S., past marriages, membership in all organizations, problems with the law, military service in the United States and supporting the U.S. Constitution and government.

          As a general rule should be expected to discuss all matters of form N-400, bearing in mind that the interviewer may tend to focus on topics that are important for your particular application. For example, if applying with less than five years of permanent residence based on marriage to U.S. citizen, the interviewer will probably tend to put more focus on the family situation than if applied on the basis of having complete five years residency. As another example, if you take a trip outside the U.S. for more than six months, the interviewer may tend to focus on your travels outside the U.S..

          You should also be aware that the questions read by the USCIS officer can not be formulated in the same way as they form N-400 application. For more information, please read the section of this site is entitled to U.S. Citizenship Interview Tips. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly review the Form N-400 Application before the citizenship interview and practice with a friend.

          After answering questions from your Form N-400, associated with your participation, you will need to sign several documents such as photos and application. Once you have signed these documents, you will be tested in English for your reading and writing, and knowledge of U.S. government and history (civil). Charge USCIS, which meet the interview may choose to test reading and writing before civic knowledge test, or it may choose to first test your knowledge of life and then go read and write English.

          You should also be aware that in some offices USCIS, these studies can be seen before the interview to review the Form N-400, although this is not common practice. From time to time, you may also be interviewed by a second officer for English reading, writing and life tests.

          Sunday, May 22, 2011

          Australia DeFacto Visa

          Australian Defacto Visa

          Processing stages defacto Australian immigration visas to Australia follows that the spouse visa. If the applicant meets all original, Australian temporary visa is issued to the applicant, allowing them to work, study and travel to and from Australia, if required. After a period of about two years, the relationship between the applicant and their partner will be evaluated and if all requirements are met, a permanent Australian visa will be issued.

          Eligibility To qualify for defacto visa must:

          1. Be sponsored (usually your spouse or partner)
          2. Be of the opposite sex of your partner
          3. Be at least 18 years of age, if you live in Australia or at least 16 years of age, if you live outside Australia,
          4. Show that you and your partner have a joint commitment to a life as partners in a defacto relationship
          5. Show that your relationship with your partner is real and continuous,
          6. Show that you were in defacto spouse relationship for the 12 months before submitting the visa application his
          7. Meet health and character.

          To successfully apply for Australian defacto visa, you must be able to provide evidence of cohabitation in household, separate from others and sharing important financial and social commitments together.


          Immigration Information