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Working Visa For Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a very long and complex process of entry, which will be described here in summary form and further details are always delivered when a person decides to take a job offer in Saudi Arabia. Generally you can expect to wait up to eight weeks for your application to be processed.

Saudi Arabia Employment visa

A summary of the overall process of applications for visas for Saudi Arabia:

When you receive a job offer in Saudi Arabia, your future employer will be responsible for obtaining work permit Visa Code.
Your employer or company recruitment will send you on your contract, along with brochures and information explaining the process of applying for visas to you and they will require handling it for you.

The packaging for employment should always include:

Medical report of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Canada or any country
Authorization Embassy Memo
A visa application
Report form of religion
Note for police clearance

The first thing you should do is go and see your doctor and get a medical examination completed, it would have required laboratory results, which can take time and they must be returned within three months be considered valid. Your doctor must complete the official form. Then the form must be verified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons or equivalent authorizing body in your area. If they publish this form may also want to give them the address to send them and the necessary postage, so they can post it directly to Saudi Arabia. The form shall also indicate all medical tests will be needed.

Make sure it is valid and has two blank pages and you signed it. If Israeli stamps in your passport will not be able to obtain a visa for Saudi Arabia.

All original certificates for qualifications you will need to be sent to your employer for verification.
You will have high school diploma or equivalent and your French or English, all documents must be legible. If you forget everything you will need an official letter on paper with all their qualifications, marked on the original body which awards together with a copy of the original certificate. You also need to send a letter from previous employer of your country, meeting the details of the contract.

Once you have reached this stage, you will need to collect and send all necessary documentation. It is best to keep copies of everything and send it by courier to ensure its arrival and to save time.

Attached documents should include:

Results of the mandatory medical tests and if any of them are not prepared confirm that they will fax and post them at a later date.

Stamped medical report completed by your doctor and stamped by the physician and surgeon in your region or whatever their equivalent.

The employment contract, which will be signed

Embassy of Saudi Arabia signed permission note

Proof of name change if necessary


Completed application form for a visa, and if you choose to accept Islam certificate of conversion.

Six color passport photos

Certificate of authorization from the police within three months of the current date.

No objection letter will also require a letter of discharge, if you've ever worked anywhere else in Saudi Arabia.

Then everything is in order, it will then usually take about ten days for your visa to be issued.

When you issue visas in Saudi embassy will stamp the inside of your passport and return it to your collection company. They will then apply for tickets and after a while they will courier to you with return of original documents. You are now ready to Travel.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Information Letter of Invitation For Canada Visit Visa And Canada Visit Visa Invitation Letter Sample :

Canada Visit Visa – Letter of Invitation

Your sponsor or the person in Canada invites you to write a letter of invitation himself. By writing a letter of invitation for you to have a visit to Canada, it bears no legal liability for you after you enter Canada, but he must submit a letter in good trust.

Your sponsor will send a letter of invitation to you for a visit to Canada. Then submit this letter to the Canadian embassy or consulate of your country when you visit your Visa Canada.

Canada Visit Visa Invitation Letter  Sample :

The invitation letter must contain the following information about you:

A. Your whole name.
2. Date of birth.
3. Your address and phone number.
4. His relationship to you.
5. The reason of the visit.
6. How long a person who mean to stay in Canada.
7. Details of housing and living expenses.
8. The date on which it intends to leave Canada.

Invitation letter for Canadian visit visa must include the following information about your sponsor:

A. His / her full name.
2. His / her date of birth.
3. His / her address and phone number in Canada.
4. His / her profession.
5. His / her status, whether he is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
6. Photocopy of evidence of sponsor status in Canada. For example, Canadian birth certificate if he was born in Canada or Canadian citizenship card if he is a naturalized citizen. If your sponsor is a permanent resident, he / she must submit proof of residence (copy of your card PR or IMM 1000 proof of landing).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Canada Immigration After Landing

Upon receiving of Canadian PR, a number of things postal, landings, an immigrant must remember to have an easy and heartwarming resolution after landing in Canada. Note as well that you can go to Canada for PR visa through one of three ways - air, sea or land.

Canada Immigration After Landing

1. After incoming in Canada, immigrants will be welcomed by an official of the "Border Agency of Canada. Migrants will be asked to show his / her passport in addition to other regulations for tour purpose. It is recommended to remain at these important documents in hand to keep away from any kind of waiting.

2. Documents will be asked to show passports include accordingly stamped with a visa that will allow you entry as a resident, travel documents such as the right of the target document, your legal visa for permanent residence, proof of financial resources that can be used during the phase of the decision and confirmation of permanent residence. All these documents should be used before their end.

3. Settlement Funds: The applicant must have the necessary funds for settlement, as indicated by the number of family members who formed part of his immigration application. If not, show these vehicles at the port of entry may indicate a negative response to the entry of the visa officer. The funds can be in any form, be in cash, money orders, checks, stocks and the like. Furthermore, candidates who come to Canada with more than C $ 10.000, a necessary condition for the release of official information "Canada Border Agency. Failure to do so may result in fines or exile for the applicant.

4. You will make a request to Canada for permanent residence during the first entry of a permanent resident visa. You must be prepared with local city or provincial Canadian address, linked documents and cards can be mailed to you.

5. Ensure that a point charts your first visit to Canada on a permanent resident visa to be at least 8 weeks. This is the time that he can obtain a residence card to be delivered to you. Sometimes there may be errors in the photos, and more. And the Canadian government would like to reapply for permanent resident card (PR) or get you photographed again. The same situation can happen to Social Security Number Card (SIN Card), as well. Remember that a permanent resident visa is good for one time entry only. After a visit required to submit PR card for entry and exit from Canada. In case of error in PR or SIN card will be required to apply for a special one-time entry permit from a Canadian visa post is located in their country of origin or country where you currently reside. This means additional costs for trips like to obtain your permanent residence validated and decisively problems. So do not depart Canada during the first visit of time unless you have proper PR and SIN card for himself and the whole family, which is part of your application for permanent resident visa to Canada.

Immigrants may be asked a few questions about the most important thing needed to immigrate to Canada. This will be done for approval of entry officer that the applicant meets the prerequisite for entering the country.

After clarifying all the questions, the candidate will receive authority from the officer to enter the nation after verification of your mailing address. The candidate will receive their permanent resident card by mail to your address. Remember that you may be landing with heavy luggage and airport or land or sea, pickup occurs when you get in Canada.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cuba Visa Information

Cuba Visa Information

What documents will be necessary for Cuba Visa?

Passports: Passports valid for at least 6 months after departure date from Cuba necessary by all nationals without diplomatic representation in Cuba.

Note: Persons of Cuban origin who are nationals of other countries must travel with a Cuban passport if they left Cuba after year 1970.

Time required for Cuba Visa

Tourist Visa Card: 1 day (7 days for postal applications). Tourist Visa: 7 to 10 days. Business visa: 10 days (2 weeks for postal applications). Journalist visa: minimum 6 weeks.

How do I apply Cuba Visa?

Application to: Consulate (or consular section at embassy); see Contact Addresses section. Application forms for tourist visa cards can be obtained from certain tour operators and travel agents.

Application Requirements for Cuba Visa.

Cuba Tourist Visa Card:
(A) A completed application form.
(B) Copy of valid passport.
(C) Photocopy of return ticket or travel agent voucher for pre-paid package.
(D) Fee (payable in cash, postal order or check).

Cuba Business visa:
(A) A valid passport.
(B) Two completed application forms.
(C) Two passport-size photos.
(D) Information of business contact in Cuba.
(E) Letter of invitation from Cuban company, organization or institution.
(F) Fee (payable in cash, postal order or check).

Cuba Journalist visa:
(A) A valid passport.
(B) Two completed application forms.
(C) Two passport-size photos.
(D) Sponsor letter from the employer in writing of journalistic project.
(E) Fee (payable in cash, postal order or check).

Note: Once a journalist visa was issued, the person must report the Centro December Prensa International for accreditation. They must take two photos and U.S. $ 60

What is the cost of a Cuba Visa?

Tourist Visa Card: $ 30. Journalist: $ 78. Business: $ 78

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recent changes to the IELTS result for Canadian immigration

Canada is very devoted to welcome immigrants from around the world. The Canadian government also knows the difficulties of the candidates; they are confronted by a group of high IELTS condition for additional points of Canadian immigration.
IELTS for Canadian immigration

Because of these difficulties faced by the majority of people worldwide, the Canadian government has very kindly cut IELTS score requirement for Canadian immigration points. CIC is likely to reduce the IELTS criteria requirements of the Group for skilled worker points for immigration to Canada.

Best wishes to all .

Canada reduced minimum IELTS score requirement for 4 points of Immigration

As CIC has decreased the minimum IELTS band Score from 7 bar to 6.5 bar to get four points for immigration to Canada in skilled worker category. Now you can get 4 points for one part of the IELTS, if you score 6.5 band as compared with the old system, which requires at lease 7 Band in IELTS, to get four points in a specific part of IELTS. Only listening module gained IELST result rather than a reduction. ie 7.5, which is 7 earlier.

Now you can get 16 points for immigration by the following minimum IELTS Group

Writing: 6,5 Band
Reading: 6,5 Band
Speaking: 6,5 Band
Listening: 7,5 Band

Following table gives full information:

Enjoy your Canadian immigration.

Remember that the correct short form, the international system of language testing is IELTS, but sometimes people do mispell ielets, ilts iltes, ĂŽlets, ELTs, eilts, iltis or ielst. So please remember the correct acncronym, ie IELTS


Immigration Information