Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Students On Immigration Fast Track Canada

Canada has finally joined countries such as England and Australia in creating a program that will allow international students to work up three years after graduation. The Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit Program has attracted a wave of applications, as it should, because it now opens up the possibility of fast-tracking immigration for international students.

 Previously, international students were allowed to work on campus, however, employers were very hesitant to hire students for co-op programs because of lack of future availability for possible permanent positions.
Lise Pedersen, an international student adviser at Wilfred Laurier in Waterloo, Ontario commented that the program will increase employment opportunities for students during and after graduation. Jennifer Humphries, Bureau VP, stated that, "People are looking at the potential for career advancement for their education. If they have three years of work after graduation, this looks better on their resumes."

Anna Done Choudhury, Pedersen's colleague also stated that, "allowing students to work after graduation for three years will mend the gap between international students and Canada wanting qualified immigrants." Prior to this new program students who wanted to advance their eligibility for permanent residence had to move to the U.S. then return to Canada then apply.

The Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit Program now takes students who have worked during post graduation out of the immigration points system and decides who passes and who fails. So far, at least 95% has passed which is great news for Canada. According to the 2009 Survey of International Students more than half of all international students plan to remain in Canada after graduation to find work.

This new program will likely see an increase in applications for work permits as well asCanadian citizenship.

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