Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UK Business Immigration by investing GBP 200,000


The Entrepreneur sub-category is a merging of the previous Businesspersons and Innovators schemes. The Entrepreneur sub-category is perfect for those individuals wishing to start a business in the UK who can meet the criteria.

Specific Criteria
UK Business Immigration

A pass mark of 75 points are needed to satisfy the requirements for the specific criteria under the Entrepreneur sub-category.

Applicant has at least £200,000==========> 25 points
Funds are held in a regulated financial institution==> 25 points
Funds are disposable in the United Kingdom ===>25 points

English Language Ability

Applicants must show that they are proficient in English by proving one of the following:

They have passed a test in English equivalent to level C1 of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework for Language Learning (equivalent to a grade C or better at GCSE)

Come from a country where English is the majority language spoken

Have taken a degree taught in English (this is verified by using the National Academic Recognition Information Centre data)

Successful proof of one of these criteria will earn the required 10 points for the English language requirement.


Applicants from outside the country will be required to score ten points by proving they can support themselves and any dependants.

Start up costs Funds Total £400 £2,400 £2,800 2/3 of the £2,400 is required for first dependent of the main applicant, and 1/3 for each subsequent dependant.

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