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Poland Immigration

Poland Visa

Poland is a member state of the European Union and as such, the country permits foreign nationals from EU member states to visit the country for a period of up to 90 days duration without the need to apply for a visa.

Poland also extends this courtesy to a group of other nations, allowing them to enter Poland for 90 days without making a visa application.

Poland also participates actively in the Schengen visa agreement which facilitates the free and unhindered movement of holders of Schengen visas throughout the twenty five countries included in the scheme.

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Types of Visa for Poland

In Poland, visas for tourists and business visit visas are often grouped together under the collective terms 'regular visas' and 'short stay visas'. Within this, a tourist visa can often be referred to as a travel visa, a visit visa, or a visitor visa, and a business visa is often called a business visit visa.

To summarize, and avoid the potential for confusion, Polish visas for short stay excursions are issued in one of two categories, for either tourism or business.

Polish visitor visas and visas for business share the same duration and neither permits its holder to engage in employment. However, the requirements for each are slightly different and are set out below.

Polish Tourist Visa

Polish tourist visas are issued to those who wish to enter Poland either for the purposes of tourism or to visit family and friends. The duration of these short-term permits is based on the applicant's requirements and the length of time granted can vary from 1 day to several weeks or more. However, the duration will not exceed 90 days.

These permits are intended as a temporary immigration service and are issued with the obligation for the holder to return to their country of residence upon or before expiry.

Polish visit visa applications will require a range of documentation including, a travel itinerary, proof of sufficient funds and a valid passport.

Polish Business Visa

Polish business visas are designed for people requiring entry clearance for Poland in order to engage in business activities with the exception of entering employment.

Holders of this temporary visa service may attend business meetings, conferences, or seminars, however, they may not be paid during their stay in Poland.

In addition to the requirements for a Polish travel visa listed above, applications for business visit visas must also include a letter from the candidate's employer giving details of the purpose and duration of the trip.

The letter must also commit the company to financial responsibility for the applicant. An additional letter of invitation from a Polish company will also be required.

Polish Work Permits

In Poland, work permit applications for those who wish to live and work in Poland follow an employer led process, which like a UK work permit, involves a Polish employer applying on behalf of a prospective candidate.

An application for a promissory decision is submitted, which is successful, leads tto an application for a Polish work visa to the Polish consulate in the applicant's home country. Working visas for Poland are generally granted for an initial period of one year.

In Poland, work permit applications do not place specific requirements on the qualifications and experience required by applicants.

However, as a general rule, the likelihood of working permits being granted will increase for applicants with higher qualifications.

In Poland, work permits will require confirmation of a candidate's highest qualification and experience and some Polish language proficiency.

Spouse immigration and Dependent immigration

Foreign nationals in Poland on a permit for work must reside in Poland continuously for a minimum of two years before becoming eligible to sponsor family members who wish to relocate to Poland.

Where an applicant is in a relationship with an unmarried partner, it will be necessary for the partner to apply entirely in his or her own right in order to begin living and working in Poland

Processing Times and Fees

Processing times and fees are subject change and can often be affected by various factors such as the nationality of the candidate.

Applications for short stay visas can often be processed within five working days, or where the express service is used, at the discretion of the consulate, one working day, however, once again, this figure depends upon the nationality of the applicant, and for nationals of some countries the process may take two weeks or more.

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