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If you want to immigrate any country then it is important to note that all countries impose a restriction on both the time and purpose of the visit when entering the country without a visa. Generally, you can stay sixty to ninety days without a visa in a particular country where you are not allowed to take up employment or perform any gainful activity.


There are different types of visa in Hungary as other countries.The major types  of visa are follows:


If you have a valid passport and airline ticket (boarding card) than you can enter in the international zone (or referred to as transit area). If you stay in the international zone of an airport in a Hungry or any foreign country then you do not generally need to have the visa of the given country even if otherwise your entry to the country is subject to a visa. But the authorities of the given country may demand that you obtain a specific visa for entry to the transit area for security reasons.This type of visa only allows the holder to stay in the transit area for the duration of the transit .


If you are going to apply for a short-term visa for the purpose of entering in Hungary and does not have a visa exemption agreement. This type of visa allows a permanent stay of up to ninety days and your permitted period of stay can be significantly shorter like only for few days. The duration of stay permitted is always shown in the visa because it also indicates whether the permit is for single or for multiply entry.


Honkong  Transit visa only issued when you have to need to passing through a country and your destination is another country. This type of  visa allows a shorter period of stay  which is no longer than 5 days  and permits either single or multiple transit .


Hungary residence visa allows a longer duration of stay and is usually obtained for the purpose of performing work or other gainful activities or undertaking studies (university or college). This type of visa does not grant rights to employment but this is subject to a permit by the authority in charge. If anyone wishing to stay in a Honkong longer than a definite period of time (generally 6-12 months) then person generally needs to obtain a visa and then apply for a residence permit from the immigration authorities.Person are allowed to stay for only sixty to ninety days without a visa in countries which entered into a visa exemption agreement so anyone wishing to stay longer than this in such a country needs to apply for a visa.


Hungary visa Application requires you to fill in a  form (may be in quite detailed) and then attach your passport and along with two passport-size photographs and you need to pay the visa fee. The visa fee may  may vary depending type of visa. Generally, in some cases, You also need to supply a documents showing the  purpose of your visit or an authority permit.The supported documents for e.g. letter of invitation, work permit  for obtaining a visa. The visa application form visa often uses third language frequently used in international relations (e.g. English or French) to fill in the form.The visa  Application for  Honkong is subject to a valid passport and many require that the passport be valid for a further 6 - 12 months at least.


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