Sunday, May 22, 2011

Australia DeFacto Visa

Australian Defacto Visa

Processing stages defacto Australian immigration visas to Australia follows that the spouse visa. If the applicant meets all original, Australian temporary visa is issued to the applicant, allowing them to work, study and travel to and from Australia, if required. After a period of about two years, the relationship between the applicant and their partner will be evaluated and if all requirements are met, a permanent Australian visa will be issued.

Eligibility To qualify for defacto visa must:

  1. Be sponsored (usually your spouse or partner)
  2. Be of the opposite sex of your partner
  3. Be at least 18 years of age, if you live in Australia or at least 16 years of age, if you live outside Australia,
  4. Show that you and your partner have a joint commitment to a life as partners in a defacto relationship
  5. Show that your relationship with your partner is real and continuous,
  6. Show that you were in defacto spouse relationship for the 12 months before submitting the visa application his
  7. Meet health and character.

To successfully apply for Australian defacto visa, you must be able to provide evidence of cohabitation in household, separate from others and sharing important financial and social commitments together.

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