Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sponsoring Family In Dubai

Husband has to sponsor himself and a company cannot sponsor dependent.

Requirement :
Marriage certificate/birth certificate for children
Education certificate
These documents are to be attested by the concerned Consulate
Thereafter obtain attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Salary Certificate from the sponsor.
Purchase an immigration file and type all the necessary information in it.
Type all the necessary visa forms and attach
Passport copy of the person/s for whom the visa is being requested
2 Photographs each
All attested certificate copies
Salary certificate
Original and copy of the Passport of Husband
All necessary forms typed and signed by Husband
Visa should be ready within 10 days.
After entering the U.A.E. follow the steps of Visa Stamping
No medical test is required for children below 16 years of age.

VISA Stamping :
All should obtain medical card prior to stamping visa in the Passport.
Medical card can be obtained from the Ministry of Health office.
Passport copy, 3 photographs and Dhs. 300/- required.
Passport photocopy,
photocopy of the entry permit,
4 photographs are to be submitted to the Medical Authorities for the medical test.
For government department's medical tests will be normally done only in the afternoons from 4 to 6 hr.
The medical test is free for government employees.
The certificate will be ready after 3 days.
The following documents are to be submitted to the Immigration Authorities within 28 days after entering the UAE.
Original Passport
Original Entry Permit
Original medical certificate
7-Passport size photographs Dhs. 300/-(residence visa fee)
Duly filled in security form (only in Arabic)
Residence visa forms duly signed and sealed by the sponsor
Normally the Residence visa will be stamped in the Passport within 10 days valid for 3 years.

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