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India Student Visa Requirements

India Student Visa :

Education in India requires a student visa application to be submitted and all candidates must first get a guaranteed place on a course at a recognized Indian educational institution. Indian study visa can be issued for one entry in India or a multiple entry permit and are usually issued for duration of applicant's training, but the maximum term is five years. 

india student visa requirements

Applying for an Indian Student Visa :

Indian student visas may be issued as several entry permits that agree to the holder to travel to India several times in the life of India visa. The upper limit of leave to examine visa applicants five years, and applicants can fill out a series of sequential courses in India, as long as the total duration not exceeding five years maximum.

In India, study visas, work permits to secure the candidate sponsoring institution and in the case of educational visas course in question. They agree to study in India itself, although in some cases it may be possible to change the school or course with special permission from the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

Study in the Indian Visa Eligibility :

Indian study visa applications are based on a candidate who has a propose on site training and proof must be provided as part of the application. Applicants must submit a letter of admission and if it is not possible at the time of application, the successful candidate will be issued a provisional temporary student visa. This temporary visa is not extensible and granted for a period of three months. Within this period, the applicant must submit written proof confirmed their place on the course of location; otherwise they will be thankful to return to their country of residence.

Applications must include a passport with minimum validity of six months and medical students will need to obtain a letter of approval or certificate of no objection to the Ministry of Health. Such a process would be needed for engineering students and students involved in the technical course that will need to get such approval from the Ministry of Education.

Spouse and Dependent Immigration :

Student visas are proposed as a temporary measure and does not give applicants with the right long-term residence in India. But, since the highest period provided under this visa route is five years candidate may well be living in India for an extended period of time and with that in mind, filed an application for a visa, the student may lead to their closer relations with them. Spouse or partner and dependents of the applicant of the study may reside in India for the same period of time granted to the principal applicant. You set of applications on the go today.

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