Monday, February 7, 2011

Malaysia Tourist Visa,

Malaysia is a country that respects the tropical weather. U.S. prefer to visit Malaysia because of its tropical weather, which is not too hot. Be it a honeymoon or family trips, tours Malaysia is the best option. As an Indian citizen, you and your family need a tourist or visitor visa to enter Malaysia.

Types of Malaysian tourist visa:

There are three different visas available to people traveling to Malaysia.

Single Visa: Entry visa is given only to people who visit Malaysia for social purposes or tourism. This visa is given for a month stay in Malaysia and are valid only for single entry and exit.

Multiple entry visa: Usually multiple entry visa is not granted for tourist purposes.

Transit Visa: Transit visa is given to people traveling through Malaysia to enter the country.

Documentation for the implementation of tourist visas for Malaysia: 

Should produce the documents listed below.
Two photocopies of passport, valid for at least 6 months. If your passport is nearing its expiration date before you apply the extend that Malaysian tourist visa.
properly completed card attack (IMM.26). Upon arrival, it should be presented to immigration officers at the port of entry.
properly completed application form (IMM.47), including two copies
Two passport-size photos
Original and confirmed air ticket for travel arrivals and two photocopies
Proof of financial capacity (bank statements, tax documents, credit card balances, etc.)
Letter from the employer as proof of employment and allow the application if the applicant is employed
An invitation from the sponsor / friend / relative
Letter from / academic institution where the applicant is a student education
Applicable fee
Visas can be obtained on the same day of Malaysia Embassy. All completed documents must be submitted to the nearest embassy of Malaysia in their country of residence. Tourist or visitor's questions usually for1-3 months. After reaching Malaysia, a visa may be extended upon request for an extension of the local High Commission in Malaysia.
Fee varies in different locations and may change. Always ask for submission of application in relation to fees and how they should be paid. (Cheque / cash).
Social visit pass is approved, while traveling in Malaysia came to stay temporarily. It is important to have this social visit passes to be endorsed on your passport if you travel and plan to stay in Malaysia for a social purpose. Please contact the nearest Malaysian Embassy / High Commission / Trade / Consulate in their country of residence.


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