Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Analysis the Reasons for the Refusal of Visa :

If you are nervous because you have rejected Canadian student visa, or if you are between one of the students who have refused a visa under the high volume of visa rejections for Canada, we encourage you to analyze the reasons for refusal to issue caution. Since the reasons stated in the letter rejecting the visa, the only means of access to correct errors. You should carefully read your letter rejecting visa category under the guidelines of the visa.
Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons
Many of the rejection reasons are straight forward, but some reasons are not so simple. Some examples of these reasons are:

You assured me that they will leave Canada by the end of the period, which is authorized for their stay because:

Have shown that they are sufficiently well established in the country of residence.

Your planned studies are reasonable in light of one or more of the following: your qualifications, previous studies, employment, level of identification, other educational opportunities in India (the applicant) or Canada, language skills, or your future prospects and Plans.

You have not satisfied me with Regulation 179 that will leave Canada at the end of the transitional period.

Submitted documentation, lack of faith as part of your application. This has decreased the overall credibility of your presentation.

You have not provided documents proving the relationship between you and your sponsor (other than your parents).

Have shown that your sponsor will provide support to cover the cost of their education.

You failed to fulfill with our request for an interview. Based on information provided are not assured me that they meet the requirements for issuance of an examination permit.

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