Sunday, December 6, 2009

Employer sponsored visas Australia

This is an employer sponsored visa, also referred to as the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). Permanent residents entering Australia under the Employer Nomination Scheme have a job waiting for them, or you can apply for this visa in Australia if you hold a Temporary Working Visa, (there is an opportunity with some other temporary working visas too), a Working Holiday visa, or a Skilled - Graduate (temporary) visa. Your Australian employer is your sponsor.

Since July, 2005, this visa category has been considerably changed to encourage more skilled workers to enter this country. Australia is hungry for skilled workers, particularly those with trade skills.
The Australian employer must pay a nomination fee to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Business Centre.
As the employee, you must also pay a fee for this visa. It is more expensive if you are already in Australia. This payment includes all family members in the application. Other costs will be immigrants' medical assessments, skills assessment fee (if required), police clearance documents, translations if necessary, medical reports and photographs. These payments are not refundable if the application is unsuccessful.

Information for Australian employers.
you are an Australian employer who wishes to fill a job vacancy from overseas, by employing an employee who is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, please contact us for more information

Regional (Designated Area) Employer Sponsored Migration Visa onshore and offshore
This visa, also called the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), is to help employers who live in areas AWAY from the large cities to find skilled workers. If your business is in a city area, please use the above-mentioned visa instead.
As a migrant applicant, you must be prepared to live in a or a country area or one of the smaller capital cities. Country areas are beautiful and the people very friendly and helpful to new arrivals. You can apply for this visa from inside Australia, or from offshore, but if you are already in Australia you must hold a substantive qualifying visa with working provision. This is an essential requirement.

There are three stages, unless the appointment is exceptional:

The Regional Certifying Body (RCB) must approve the nomination and job vacancy.
The employer applies to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to be able to employ an overseas worker by giving full details of the company structure, and the type of employee needed. There are other requirements here – see on the website.
The nominated employee applies for a visa.

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