Saturday, November 6, 2010

Student Visa From China Declined In Australian Universities

Australian Universities noticed that the number students from China applying for student visas to study at Australian universities has been dramatically declined in the following summer. This could be due to changes in Australian skilled immigration policy.

A 40 percent of decline has been noticed of Chinese student visa, applying to Australian universities for the next summer session. Further Education and Technical Colleges have seen a decline of 80 percent in Chinese student visa applications.

The sharp decline in student applications could cause a crisis in Australia's education industry as Chinese students represent approximately $6 billion in revenue. Chinese students make up an estimated 27 percent of Australia's foreign student population.

The decline in Chinese students is blamed on current changes to Australian immigration law. The Australian government reduced 50 percent Skilled worker occupations on 01 July 2010, which are eligible under its popular General Skilled Migration programme.

The Australian skilled occupation list while much declined since 1 July 2010 has far more occupations on it than the Canadian occupation list. The Australian skilled occupation list has 181 occupations compared to 29 occupations under the Canadian Skilled worker programme.

Canada,United States and many other Countries are trying to attract international students as well. Australia needs to work hard to continue to attract students from China and around the World.

Education agents in Beijing have also said Australian universities had been greedy in putting their fees up every year, which has priced themselves out of the market particularly as they face increasing competition from US universities.

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