Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dubai Work Visa, Dubai Work Permit

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As one of the richest countries in the world, the United Arab Emirates - Dubai, including - offers very attractive opportunities. If you want to work in the UAE is extremely important to seek expert advice on getting work permit Dubai.

Different categories of work visa Dubai 

Dubai work visa usually requires application of the prospective employer. Employees must also meet the eligibility criteria and provide a set of documents supporting the application.

Dubai work permit 

The main category of work visa in Dubai as a "residence permit issued for the worker or employee. It allows planning staff to work in Dubai in the private sector role remains for up to three years. To qualify for this category of labor Dubai permit, applicants must submit a set of evidence in support of their application. This includes medical evidence that you are doing work in the UAE, medical certificates, and other business-related information. Take the free assessment to find out how to qualify.

Dubai work permit (public sector)

This category of work visa for Dubai is designed specifically for public sector employees. Like standard category of work visa Dubai, it lasts no more than three years. However, the supporting documents required for application vary considerably. Overall, this category of work visa Dubai is easier to obtain. To find out which visa is best for you, simply take the free assessment.

Dubai short term work visas

Dubai offers short-term visas that will allow you to work in UAE. The shorter Dubai work permit can vary in duration, but it still gives the same rights to live and work in Dubai. This may be the best option if you are a business visitor or employee of short-term contract.

Talk with Global Visas for Dubai work visa

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