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UK Marriage Visa,Condition of Marriage Visa in UK,Marriage Visa Requirement UK

The Marriage Visa is for people who are married to or in a civil partnership with a UK citizen or permanent resident.UK citizens and permanent residents are are able to apply sponsor their spouses or partners for a marriage visa.

Marriage visa in the UK allows a person to seek permission to enter the UK or leave to remain on the basis that they are married to a person present and settled in the United Kingdom.

Firstly a marriage visa in the UK is issued for a period of two years. After this period, a person may apply for imprecise leave to remain (ILR). In some cases, an entrance permit for settlement may be granted allowing a partner to stay in the UK permanently, but this is only applicable to a person who has been married and living abroad with their spouse for four years at the time of application to enter the UK.

Eligibility Criteria:

Age - Applicants must be 16 or over and the partner with permanent resident status in the UK must be 18 or older.

Relations to be eligible for the spouse visa are based.

Legally married to each other and plan to live together.

Met the other.

Can be supported by themselves without recourse to public funds.

Have sufficient housing where the beneficiaries can live without the use of public funds.


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