Thursday, April 14, 2011

UK Fiance Visas Benefits, Fiancee Visa UK Duration, UK Fiance Visas Eligibility Criteria

UK fiance or fiancee Visa allows a person to bring their betrothed or fiance in the UK to join them while they themselves have permanent resident status as a British citizen or permanent resident.
To have permanent resident status means that the person lives in the United Kingdom legally with no time limit on their stay. If you are outside the United Kingdom and returned to settle then your partner can apply for a fiance visa or fiancee Britain to join at the same time.

If you are interested in bringing your spouse in the UK, then capital of Visa can help you every step of the road. Our immigration advisors and caseworkers have a wide range of immigration knowledge and experience to help you at every stage of your fiance or fiancee UK visa application, whether you need help with UK visa fiance visa unmarried partner and de facto visa and a whole host of other visas UK immigration in Britain. 

 UK Fiance Visa - Benefits
 The route provides fiance immigration partner permission to enter the United Kingdom to get married. Marriage visa De facto visa and tier 1 routes, which requires proof of an existing connection, but with fiance visas Britain must provide evidence that the relationship has existed for several years. 

Bride Visa UK - Duration

 Fiancee visa for the UK, are issued for six months and are given for the sole purpose of the trip per person to come to Britain to get married. Once and only once the applicant is married, they can apply for a visa Marriage, the marriage visa is approved, it is given for the first two years after a certain period of time, that person may apply for indefinite leave to remain (Lear), a also as a permanent residence on the grounds that they lived in the UK and are still married. 

UK fiance visa - Criteria 

Age limit for UK fiance visa People who wish to apply for visas for the UK fiance must be 21 years or more.

Relationships visa requirements for UK fiance  

For an individual to qualify for a visa for the UK fiance they must meet the following requirements. Applicants must have met each other.  

Applicants must plan to marry within six months of receipt of British fiance / fiancee visa.  

The applicant must live with your partner after marriage. UK fiance / fiancee visa applicants must be able to support their dependents without recourse to public funds or work. In some cases, when someone has more than one wife or husband, immigration visas for UK fiance allows only one of them to come to the UK.

If a UK visa is applied within the United Kingdom for a residence permit and the application procedure, the applicant must have a residence permit in the UK for more than six months.  

This residence permit must be of the same type of visa was initially issued to the applicant.

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