Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hong Kong and Canada sign a Working Holiday Visa Program


Canada has signed a deal with Hong Kong that will allow young people from Hong Kong to travel and work in Canada for a period of a year.

The deal was signed by the Hong Kong labour and welfare secretary, Matthew Cheung Kin-Chung, and Stockwell Day, the Canadian minister for international trade.
Under the new deal, 200 young people from each country will be able to apply for a special working holiday visa that will allow them to undertake temporary work to finance their travels.


The deal, which was signed yesterday, is a reciprocal one which will allow young Canadians to also apply for a working holiday visa to travel, work and live in Hong Kong for a year.

The visa offers young people the opportunity to experience life in another culture.
Canada already has similar deals with countries including New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia and thousands of young people have used the opportunity to travel, work and live in Canada for a year during or after their studies.

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