Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview Tips for Candidates, Interview Tips Canada

Interview Tips for Canadian Immigration

Interview is a decisive factor in the process that covers your Canadian Immigration application process. It is natural for you to be concerned about your Interview and do all the essential preparations previously to keep away from any annoy in future.

  1. The first thing - You have to prove your intentions are genuine, not fake, before the Immigration officer.
  2. Make certain that you have all the documentation so as to prove your qualifications.
  3.  It is very important to understand the interview questions to answer them appropriately. Misinterpretation often leads to wrong answers and thus enhance your chances of a visa denial. If by in any case, you are not able to hear the question correctly, never be uncertain to ask the question again, but respectfully.
  4. Be polite to your Interviewer at the same time as maintaining an eye contact with him. This will demonstrate your honesty towards your case.
  5. You can also make notes during your interview to get ready for your question in advance. Write down the main points in the bulleted form to make it easier for you.
  6. Have a brief knowledge about your occupation, the country where you are planning to immigrate and other such factors linked with Immigration. Knowing the official language of Canada i.e. English or French would give you an added advantage.

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