Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benefits of Education In Canada

The degree awarded by university and college world wide accepted.Canada is one of the best educational systems in the world and this joint with its wonderful multicultural international approach makes it an excellent target for foreign students to come and further their education.

Degrees from Canadian institutes are globally recognized and has a diverse range of courses available from marine biology to accounting. Canada also has many outstanding opportunities for language courses, you can decide between French and English as main language of instruction, and students often advantage from additional language course together with their main degree or diploma.

Benefits of Education In Canada

Canada is very safe, established country and has an excellent system of health care and education and living costs are relatively low compare with other English speaking countries, so this is an ideal place for foreign students to come and improve their learning.
There are more than 150,000 foreign students who go to Canada every year to learn. worldwide students bring a rich culture to the classroom.

Canadian universities and colleges are respected worldwide for their high superiority of education.
Fees for foreign students in Canada, and the cost of living are among the lowest in the world.
Qualified students can gain valuable information about the Canadian experience through off campus employment.

Canada position among the most multicultural nations in the world. Regardless of their ethnic origin, students feel at home in different communities and campuses.
According to the United Nations, Canada offers one of the maximum standards of excellence of life in the world.

English Requirement For Study In Canada :
Diploma and Bachelor degrees: IELTS 6.0/ 6.5 band with no band less than 5.5/ 6.0 Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma: 6.0/ 6.5 band Masters degrees: 6.5 band with no band less than 6.0

Part Time Work During Study In Canada :

Students are permissible to work part time 20 hours per week on campus/ off campus and full time during holidays at the same time as studying the course.


In Canada, minimum salary varies in different provinces. Under the establishment of Canada, the responsibility for enacting and enforcing labour law with minimum wages in Canada rests with the ten provinces. Minimum wages varies between 8 – 10.25 cd$ per hour depending upon the province.

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