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Australia Graduate Visa 485

Student visa holders who wish to stay in Australia at the end of the course may need help planning. We can recommend you on the best options, including 485 visas for recent graduates. If you have fresh graduated from an Australian college or university with a global vision talk. Simply take our free online assessment. An Australian visa counselor will contact you to talk about your eligibility for a visa subclass 485.

Your Australian Graduate visa options

Foreign students who have recently completed a course in Australia may want to travel to return home or to enter the labor market by Australian work visa. Although many foreign graduates may already be eligible for General Skilled Migration (GSM), others will need to get additional skills and experience to stay in Australia. Subclass 485 is a temporary visa for Australia, which allows applicants to remain in the country for up to 18 months to prepare for the completion of GSM. Those who are gifted, you may want to review our position on well-known Talent Visa, because it is a quick way to PR. Skilled sponsored visa is another option.

Australia Graduate Visa 485

Who can be eligible for a subclass 485?

Student abroad apply for this temporary visa for Australia should be:

Under 45 years of age (the upper age limit for GSM)

Holding eligible training completed in the last six months of study of at least two years in Australia

Cannot achieve the pass mark the points test for skilled Independent (Residence) visa
You meet the Australian standards for professional activity of skilled occupations list (SOL).

Advantages of 485

Overseas graduates who get this visa can stay in Australia for as long as 18 months, with no restrictions on work or study. It also allows the owner to add a secondary candidate, including partner or dependent child during or after the visa is granted. Holders of the Subclass 485 visa may choose to :

  1. Travel
  2. Work
  3. Improve their knowledge of English
  4. Completion of the Professional Year - structured professional development course that offers bonus points for GSM.

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