Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Medical Test for Dubai Residence Visa

Non-UAE residents of Dubai are probable to feel a medical examination to obtain their residence visas. This may seem quite daunting, as medical centers are less disordered. It can take several hours to do your research, but employees are very professional, medical centers are clean and results arrive quickly.

Tests to do a blood test and chest x-ray. Blood test to check for infectious diseases such as HIV and chest x-ray is taken for testing for tuberculosis. If test results were positive, the candidate would be deported from the United Arab Emirates. If you suspect you are suffering from a contagious disease, it is advisable to first test in their home country.

You Require To Test :

1) Letter writing office-most government applications must be received by Arab office and write an application for medical research is no exception. Easily obtained, as there are many writing centers in the UAE.
2) Two passport photos
3) Get a health card or number
4) Test fee of AED 250
5) Your original passport

Process :

There is usually a ladies Government Hospital so that they will be separated from the men. This makes the wait a little shorter and easier. You will be given a number and go have a blood test and a nurse in the x-ray department. Having surpassed tail procedure is very fast.

Results are usually available the next day; you will need to collect them to complete submission of the visa. If it is strong-minded that there is an infectious disease will be deported from the United Arab Emirates. However, if the results test positive for tuberculosis will be treated before being deported.

Some categories of workers, such as maids and nannies, will also have to feel a pregnancy test before they can obtain a visa.

The test is less time consuming and can be sent back and forth several times before you get it quite right, because the procedures are constantly changing, consider this one of the biggest obstacles in obtaining a visa for permanent residence.

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