Saturday, January 19, 2013

Canada Change Temporary Work, Sponsorship, And Student Visas

Canadian Immigration has brought some changes to the rule to avoid immigration issues visa fraud and make it easier for immigrants to integrate into society.

Work Permit :

Completion of opinion on the labor market accelerated - Canadian employer must get an opinion on the labor market (AMT). The Government of Canada representative issues AMT that the hiring of a foreign professional will have a positive (or neutral) effect on the local labor market.

Bridging Work Permit - This new visa system applies to persons who have applied for a Canadian visa for PR and already residing and working in Canada on a temporary work permit.

Student Visas :

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has been proposed to cap the licensing studies for students attending a Canadian institution that has been designated by the province or country.

A new study permit has also been proposed by CIC to permit students to work off-campus on a part-time basis. Currently, students must have a separate temporary work permit to work outside of their school.

Family Reunification :

Fight against fraud and to support genuine visa applicants; two new regulations were put in place by the CIC.

1. People who became Canadian PR through the joint sponsorship program must continue their permanent resident status for five years before they can in turn sponsor a spouse.

2. For couples who have stayed together for two years or less and have no children together, the sponsored person will receive provisional PR for two years. The couple must prove that they remained together in a legitimate Canada.

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