Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Denmark Work Permit for Denmark Employment

Depending on the nationality of the applicant, special conditions and procedures apply if the person wishing to get a work permit and residence in Denmark. Nordic citizens can come in and work in Denmark without the requirement of a permit for an indefinite period

Countries Citizens of EU and EEA countries (Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway), along with Switzerland, may enter and work in Denmark without the condition of permits for a period of three months. However, specific transitional rules apply for eight new EU countries. Citizens of non-EU countries must obtain a residence and work permit before incoming in Denmark.

In Denmark, the resident, the applicant must register with Folkeregisteret (National Register). Once registered, a person can automatically join the National Health Service. CPR number will be issued with a certificate of health insurance (sygesikringsbevis), which gives you permission to free medical treatment and other public services.

Citizens of EU / EEA : 

Citizens of EU / EEA countries must apply for a certificate of residence in the EU / EEA before the expiry of three months residence. Residence permit also allows you to work and it serves as a work permit in Denmark. High administrative authority in the country will issue a residence permit.

Note that the specific transitional provisions apply to workers from eight new EU countries, namely Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Non - EU / EEA Citizens:

For citizens of countries outside the EU or outside the EEA, work permits and residence shall be issued only in situations where basic work or business interests make desirable. Work and residence must obtain before entering Denmark.

Application record must be published in the Danish mission in the country of origin. Application forms are obtainable for download from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application may be submitted as an exception in Denmark, and only when the applicant is already legally residing in Denmark. Generally, a permit is issued within 30 days after receipt of the application, provided that all relevant documents shall be issued together with the application.

A division is made among salary labor and self-employment. The law, however, is foreign citizen must have work and residence permit to connect in any activity. This standard is applicable to unpaid work also.

Foreigner hired within the professional areas where there is a shortage of specially qualified persons has easy access to work permits and residence in accordance with a map employment. Professional areas that mention this condition is applied in the positive list. Foreign researchers having easier work permits and residence permits.

In addition, foreign nationals who plan to work in Denmark, as members of the missionaries, clergy, etc. may be granted a residence permit in Denmark.

It is critical to note that the obligation to obtain a work permit to the applicant. If a foreign national illegally in Denmark, then he / she may be disqualified from the country. Both the employee and the employer can be punished with imprisonment or fines.

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