Thursday, October 13, 2011

Diversity Lottery Program

The diversity lottery or the Green Card Lottery is or else recognized as the "Green Card Lottery U.S. The lottery is an entry for people who are aspiring countries qualified to live, work and study in the land of dreams. Every year, the U.S. Department of State issued about 55,000 visas around the diversity lottery. The reason for the Green Card Lottery came into survival because of the important increase in the number of people around the world demand for H-1B visas.

Diversity Lottery

Each diversity lottery is named after the year to which it is intended. DV-2012 is the name for the lottery years. The Diversity Lottery is a superb proposal of the Government of the United States to promote diversity in the United States and people around the world to get the permanent resident status in the United States.

Permanent residents are free to health care, education, and can sponsor relatives for green cards as well. This involves the lottery diversity better. Look at what would make you qualified to participate in the lottery.

Step 1:

You must be born or to be from a country qualified to participate in the lottery of diversity. Each year, the state government publishes a list of countries that are eligible to participate in the lottery.

Step 2:

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent or you have to two years of work experience over the past five years.

Step 3:

If you do not have quality through your birth, do not loose heart. You can still qualify through your parents or your spouse if they are from a qualified country.

Diversity Lottery Program

Once you have established your eligibility for the next step is to register and submit your application with your photos online. The State Department usually specify a time period during which candidates must file their applications electronically. Registration is open every fall and lottery winners are notified by mail in the spring or summer. Photo requirements are specified by the State Department and applicants are required to complete the application and download the photo within a specified period (which is usually about 60 minutes).

As a candidate it would not be possible for you to save and exit the application, it is attractive that you have all the essential information and photos correct when completing the electronic form.

If you're one of those lucky sufficient to be selected then KCC notify you about the day and date of your interview based on your number. They will inform you by mail. This letter is also called as the next letter. You will get the winning notification by postal mail and not by email or fax or phone. If you receive a notification outside of these be sure to double check

Successful the lottery diversity will permit you to get the visa right away, but it will give you a possibility to apply for immigrant visa and you must show your eligibility to get the visa interview following the normal visa immigrant. A short explanation of how one can expect while participating in the Green Card Lottery.

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